Thursday, December 6, 2012

All Kinds of Mod

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Hi all, Marlen from Messages on a Napkin here! There's something about white tights that's got me hooked. It could be the 60's-mod flair that they add to each outfit, or it could be that I get flashbacks of 1st-grade-me running around in mary janes every time I put on a pair. For what ever reason it is, I can't get enough of them!  And when I got this fun top from Marisa at The Shades of Monet Chronicles, I knew I wanted to pair it with these.  A small beehive and corduroys skirt later, and I have the perfect old-timer look.

See how Marisa and Dus styled the same dress below:

Currier and Ives
Marisa's post can be found here and.....

Floral dress (9).5
Dus's post can be found here!  I love how radically different all our looks are- just shows how far one dress can go!

Dress- borrowed from Marisa at The Shades of Monet Chronicles
Skirt- thrifted
Sweater- F21
Belt- thrifted
Tights- TJ Maxx
Shoes- TJ Maxx
Necklace- Illusy from Etsy. I customized it to have m+m engraved in it- my boyfriend's and I's initials :)


  1. I can't believe that is the same dress in all of these; you all look fabulous!

  2. My goodness Marlen! I want to scour the thrift for a similar skirt and cardi to yours so I can wear the dress this way now! I REALLY LOVE how you wore this piece :)

  3. Pretty!


  4. This look is so pretty. You better believe I am impressed with that beehive. I love your sweet little necklace!


  5. Oh, that skirt is really cute as a shirt! A very versatile piece indeed. And that beehive is awesome. I wish mine came out half so neat and pretty!

  6. That's awesome I would have never even known it was the same dress! I love the mod vibe you gave it, totally makes me want to break out my white tights for work tomorrow! Also, are those new shoes I love them!

  7. Your necklace is so cute! I love that you have yours and your bf's initials engraved on it too! How sweet. I love the mod vibe of your outfit, it's awesome that you decided to style it as a top! You both look so cute.

  8. This looks great! Your hair is super pretty.

  9. Ooh I love this blog! What a cool idea! You have styled the dress sooooo differently, it looks lovely on each of you! Exclamation mark!


  10. Oh, wow I LOVE it! I actually didn't know what this piece was until I scrolled down a bit, I would have NEVER known it was Marisa's dress! I love everything from your incredibly gorgeous hair to your amazing boots. I also love how you threw in another pattern with the cardi-so enamored by this look.

  11. Excellent print mixing, and excellent hair! I've been seriously considering getting bangs again. They look so cute and add a touch of personality when your hair is pulled back. But I have curly hair so I keep thinking about whether I really want to have to straighten my hair constantly. To bang or not to bang? That is the question. Perhaps that'll be the title of my next post, haha.



  12. So adorable! I love how both of you styled the dress, very creative. You both have a really awesome and unique style :)


  13. Such a cute outfit, love it !!

    Have a great weekend !



  14. Such a sweet idea to wear that dress as a top!

  15. YOUR BOOTS! ALL THE TIME! SO JEALOUS! ALWAYS. And that deserved all caps.

    I love how you styled this. When I saw it in the preview image on Facebook, it looked like a shot from on a mannequin in a store or something (it didn't show your face at all)

    <3 katherine

    1. I am replying to myself to see if i am writing in all caps. LIKE THIS

  16. Loving your style! ^_^ The floral top looks so great<3 ^_^
    Looking forward for a new outfit :)

    'm lovin your outfit! you are so stunning :) love your blog lay out too ^_^

    Btw, am having my first giveaway. :) You might win awesome COSMETIC ORGANIZERS! ^_^
    I am hoping for your participation. ^_^
    Here's the link:
    Looking forward for your participation :)
    Fallow my blog and I will SURELY follow your blog too :)
    Have a great day!

    Much Love!

  17. Loving all of these looks, and the white tights are so much fun! :)
    xo TJ

  18. really sweet look girl :) wanna stay in touch with Google/FB if you want :) Wld love to see u over at my blog!

  19. I really like how you paired the white tights with the floral/top dress, I can definitely see the mod vibe on it :)

    It's amazing how all of you styled the dress is such different yet beautiful ways!

  20. I love all these textures and colors together! And your boots are so cute!

  21. Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

    Would You like to follow each other? :)

  22. ah really lovely photos! your style is really great

    hope you'll visit back

  23. I love your photos! So beautiful!! :)
    Followed you!

  24. Love it with the knee socks and boots:)

  25. I love white tights but never know how to combine them. Thx a lot for this inspiration! :)

  26. Every one of these looks is different but so cute! Your interpretation is structured and classy Marlen, I love it <3



    Southern (California) Belle

  27. I didn't even recognize you in the first pic w/ your hair like that, i honestly thought we'd gotten a new girl to the group haha. Love the up-do though, super classy & LOVE the tunic w/ that skirt, white tights & boots, nicely done!


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