Thursday, March 28, 2013

Two for One Special

Hey all you guys and dolls! It's Katie from Butterfly Loves Snapdragons to show you the prettiest pencil skirt that I borrowed a while back.
It's kind of hard to believe that a skirt this full of personality can create so many diverse looks. When I received it in the mail I was perplexed for a bit concerning how to style it. Since I am a bit more, erm, buxom than the lovely Marlen (thank goodness this skirt has stretch!), I decided to play up the swanky pencil skirt shape of it and wear all of my favorite vintage pieces. I loved it so much that I actually styled it up twice!
The first set of pictures was when I wore the dress to dinner with my in laws. Hopefully they're used to my eccentricities by now because I went all out with my veiled bow hat from the 60's and a leopard swing coat. 

Hat, blouse, bag, belt-Vintage, thrifted/ Shoes-Gordman's/ Coat- Forever 21/ Gloves-Dollar Store

The next set of photos are from a look I wore to church. Read the full post on my blog here. :) Whereas the first take was decidedly 60's, for this next pairing I had more of a 1940's vamp look in mind. The t-strap heels and fedora sealed the deal :)

Marlen has worn this beauty several times on her blog as well. I love how well it transitions from fall to summer weather!

I was besotted with the fact that I could add such fun, vibrant colors and this skirt would just soak it all up. It was so much more versatile than I could have imagined and I found myself pining for a piece such as this in my wardrobe! Sometimes the most unexpected pieces are the one's that are most successful in our closets. Do you have any items like that in your wardrobe?

 God Bless Lovelies!

For great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies.


  1. Okay, now I seriously want to borrow this skirt! I love all versions and really like how such an interesting pattern can be so re mixable with different colors!
    Thanks for posting today for me, I seriously though I was tomorrow, whoops!

  2. Gosh that skirt is fantastic!
    I love the colors and print to it!

    And I'm LOVING how you wore it!
    Especially the 40s look! WOW!

    I am loving all the mixed colors! I would've been skeptical but it looks amazing!!!!!!!!

  3. WOW!!!I love your blog!!

  4. I'm like Hannah- I want to borrow that skirt now!

    Katie you seriously look so lovely and your vintage style keeps refining itself even when I'm sure it is already perfect.

  5. Katie this is AMAZING!! I absolutely LOVE it with that leopard coat- it's both funky and vintage all at once. And I'm with Kristian, I feel like your style becomes more and more amazing as the months pass :D

  6. Love your blog. Your style is so cute ang orginal.
    I like it.

    Would you like to follow each other?

  7. i love the top, gorgeous!

  8. So Mad Men you guys look great!

    Ali of


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