Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mad Men Style Challenge

Hannah from The Braided Bandit
     When Marlen came up with the idea for a Man Men style challenge for us, I was so excited! As a huge fan of the show and owner of a vintage shop, I couldn't ask for a challenge that was more up my alley than this.  I decided to channel a late 50s Betty Draper since I always love the dresses she wears on the show.  I went with a vintage floral dress from my shop, pink neck scarf, and bow flats paired with my favorite sunglasses to complete the look!

Vintage 1960's A Mod Affair Dress
I decided to go for a more Ad Agency outfit with my look- one that would go from moodily brainstorming over my typewriter to swirling a martini at a smoky bar. I'm wearing a vintage 1960's pinafore-type dress from my shop, and I decided to add splashes of color by pairing it with a floral sweater and a chambray shirt underneath.  Add booties to the mix and Jon Draper himself wouldn't be able to tear his eyes off of me ;)

 Katie from Butterfly Loves Snapdragons
I think a Mad Men style challenge was the perfect one for me! I love anything vintage, and especially the era in which the show takes place. I've never actually seen the show, but I checked up on the fashion and it is definitely swoon worthy. I think the print of this dress is very architectural which fits in well with the office aesthetic also.  Add a few cream accessories (except the hat...gotta have my pop of color!) and this is a 60's look I can get on board with. See the full post here!

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle
It's no secret that I'm a huge Mad Men fan.  Who doesn't love 60's fashion?  And don't even get me started on Don Draper...  He's pretty droolworthy.  Anyway, my favorite character is Joan.  She's sexy, smart, and an independent soul.  So natually I decided to go for a Joan inspired look for this style challenge.  I think a form fitting pencil skirt would be a staple in Joan's cloest.  Of course I had to add a printed top to break up the monotone look.  I also added my highest platform heels to complete her outfit.  Now if only I could be blessed with Joan's "assets"...
Marisa of The Shades of Monet Chronicles
 I could swoon for days over Don Draper and well many of the Mad Men characters and their fashion sense. In fact, the 60s has been my favorite era since I was a little gal, so naturally I am hooked on the show like no one's business. Being 31 weeks pregnant, I chose to take this challenge in the direction of a lesser known character - Francine Hanson, Betty Draper's friend. In season 1, she donned some of the cutest maternity clothing I ever laid eyes on. Always adorned in a frock with a cute peter pan collar or ascot neck scarf, this gal knew how to make her baby bump look beautiful. I think this little vintage dress of mine with the scalloped collar and lady tie has Francine written all over it.
Confession, I've never actually seen an episode of Mad Men, which is pretty sad since like a lot of the other girls I LOVE 60's era style. Fit and Flare dresses, peter pan collars, cat eyes, and a bright red lip are all staples in this girl's wardrobe! I thought Jen's pretty orange dress worked perfectly for this challenge and I loved the gold buttons on either side so I matched them with my vintage gold heels. Parted hair and my favorite cat-eyed sunnies and I was ready to go!


  1. You ladies all look fantastic.

  2. surely amazing, I really like the result!!!11
    keep reading xx

  3. I am so sad I didn't have time this week to do something for this challenge!! You girls all look so great, and this has given me so many ideas for the Mad Men themed party my friend's are planning on throwing!

    1. I didn't have time either so I went through my pics and found this outfit haha. A Mad Men party sounds SO fun!

  4. Ashley, I'm loving your "assets" comment. You ladies all look so gorgeous! I could imagine any of you walking on to the Mad Men set!

  5. OMG Marlen. If I had an extra $50 lying around...

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  7. This is definitely one of my favorite posts to date! I love how we got a mix of characters and styles! So pretty girls!

  8. Leah I'm with you! Marlen that pinafore is incredible! Gah. I love this post! You all look fantastic:)

  9. this was such a fun challenge! I wish it wouldn't have been my final yesterday and I'd have remembered because I have a few perfectly Penny ensembles. Hannah def channels Betty perfectly too and I love how Katie and Jessi hadn't seen the show but still made adorable looks! Oh and Marisa- how cool that you put a screenshot of Francine, you tot nailed that look, but even cuter w/ all the accessories. And now... Don?! what!?! I've always found him so unattractive even before I saw the show and heard him speak, which of course makes him a million times worse.

  10. Oh really lovely inspirations!

  11. Ahhh everyone is adorable!! My favorite is Marisa's little tie and collar combo!!


  12. You guys all look great!
    I wish it wasn't exam/move out week or I would have participated... all my clothes are either in my car or at my home!


  13. I don't watch the show, but I loove the vintage-y feel of "Joan's look" with the contrast of that bold hair.

  14. What a fun style challenge! I also have to admit to never seeing an episode of Mad Men (heck, I'm only into season 2 of Downton Abby!). However, one of my friends keeps suggesting we need to have a Mad Men themed party.

    I must say I love Katie's yellow dress - outstanding!


  15. What a fun challenge. The fashion is amazing. Katie's yellow dress really stands out to me. Love all these looks, so well styled.

  16. Oh, this is such a mah-velous idea! All you ladies look lovely! -Jess L


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