Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring for velvet!

When I borrowed this vintage dress from Marisa I knew I couldn't just style it one way. I styled it with a few layers appropriate for winter (in this post), and then that same day had to stop at home so since the weather forgot it was winter, styled it up for spring as well! And now I have a perfectly-spring post already ready to share - double win! And on a side note, I stopped by Buffalo Exchange in this outfit and a worker asked to take my picture for their blog. I'm still waiting to see it up but either way it was a pretty awesome compliment, which I mostly owe to Marisa : ). 

Outfit details: hat, booties, necklace (gift)- thrifted; dress- swap with Marisa; hand woven belt- for   sale in my shop.

And here's my secret of the post: this pretty little area was just a tiny part of an ugly deserted lot! 

And here's how the other gals have styled it (see links below). I love seeing the different ways everyone has layered and accessorized it and it's safe to say Marisa's little vintage velvet dress looks awesome on all our different body types! 
 (top left to right) : Marisa / Hannah / Rachel /
 (bottom left to right) : Jessi / me again / Marlen

I love seeing the different ways we've styled it, from fall through winter now to spring! Do you have any items you can transition through any season? If so, what are some of your favorite ways to remix items for spring weather? We'd love to hear your ideas and of course leave any links of remixes for the seasons you'd like to share. Happy Monday everyone!


  1. This dress has certianly made the rounds!

    You look great and that is so cool that you'll be up on another blog with this outfit.

  2. I love the way all of you gals styled this piece!! I like that you made velvet more appropriate for spring with the pops of brights and that awesome hat

  3. I love a good floral dress but I can never seem to find just the prefect print! This one look gorgeous on you (and everyone else) =)
    - Che

  4. Your hat and sunnies are adorable! Thank you for including everyone's versions together like that, I LOVE seeing them all together!

    1. aww thanks Hannah! & you're most very welcome, I always like seeing them all together & thought maybe I shouldn't done 2 x 3 to see them a bit bigger but I think it worked ok that way. plus the business lady in me just used the "align top" , right, etc. things in ppt so it was pretty quick (& so not graphic designer like haha).

  5. What a great dress! Love the pattern and it seems to be so versatile!


  6. I love this beauty of a dress! I didn't realize how many of us wore it! You're right, it looks so good on everyone. You look amazing in it Dus! I really love your accesorizing, epecially that pretty hat!

  7. I love this dress! You gals seriously all look lovely in it!

    Dus, I love the belt that you paired with it and how awesome that Buffalo Exchange asked to take your picture - so cool! Also, love your sneaky pretty spot. :P


  8. Aw Dus, you styled this so cute!


  9. This dress is really cute! Love the dark florals and love the shoes you paired it with!


  10. I love this because I am instantly drawn to anything floral and velvet. It is impressive how many ways in which this dress can be styled.

  11. The dress looks fabulous my lovely!

    I do love florals but some can look tacky. This on the other hand is gorgeous!



  12. Oh Dus!!! I love how you styled this dress for warmer weather. I never would have thought it to be such a versatile piece. The pop of pink and teal is brilliant. And I didn't even realize how this dress truly made it rounds :-)

  13. Haha I love seeing where you took the pictures! Is it a gorgeous field of high grasses? Nope! Love it.

    I really like how you styled this dress. The neon accents make such a nice contrast with the dark and traditional print on the dress. Very Buffalo Exchange, haha.

    - Hannah
    she could be a pharmer in those clothes


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