Friday, May 17, 2013


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Hey guys! Marlen from Messages on a Napkin here, once again styling Marisa's fun little skirt.

So I took these pictures a few months back before I went to India, and it's so weird because I feel my style changing and it's completely out of my hands. What I mean by that is that I like the way I dressed here, yet I feel like I wouldn't pair it this way again. I still love quirky and vintage looks, but I feel like it's shaping into something a little more simple and a little less loud...or is it? Seriously, I have no idea where it's going, haha!

I feel like I'm having an existential crisis.

Any one else going through these ch-ch-changes?
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See Marisa's full post on her look here!

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And see my full post here! Or come say hello at my little blog, Messages on a Napkin!

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  1. Is the ch-ch-changes a reference to a Yes song? Because if it is, I love you. And if it's not, I still love you anyway. :D

    I can only imagine that after such a dramatic, eye-opening trip that your style might change somehow. I'm sure you were influenced a ton when you were over there, and even with these bright colors, you're definitely reminiscent of India. Your yellow tights make me swoon!

  2. I definitely get that it's tough when your style starts to change, I find mine changes a lot between seasons. Or even after I cut my hair, but some things still stay
    I love this combination, such brilliant print mixing and this skirt is so so sweet with the pockets. You and Marisa styled it so perfectly!

  3. I really love the way you styled this, but I'm sure I'll love wherever your evolving style takes you, too!


  4. This is so fun! I love the way you did it. I feel like my style changes day to day. I never know what to expect now!


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  5. I feel like my style too is morphing (or I would like it too morph) towards something a bit simpler and more classic as well. Still this is a fun skirt and it is nice to be able to look back and like what you wore before even if your style is evolving.

  6. I really love your clashy way of mixing patterns. I hope that doesn't come off as rude to say clashy, but seriously: you mix patterns I would never think to mix, and they work even though they clash. It's amazing.
    I am going through that same thing! I can't decide which way my style is going, and it's annoying. I think I'm leaning more towards 50's, though.

  7. Love the bold prints! Great colors.

  8. Love your blog! Maybe we could follow each other on bloglovin or GFC? Please leave me a comment or follow me and I will follow you =)

  9. I love how Marlen styled it! xx

  10. I'm going through that same thing, really into simple looks lately. but I do LOVE your layers here Marlen, so cute and fun!
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  11. Marlen I really really love this outfit! The color and pattern combos are awesome! I can't wait to see the direction your style heads cuz I've always loved it!

  12. Definitely what you mean with feeling the itch to change...I have felt in the same rut lately. Really love this combination to pieces...I never would have thought to wear the skirt with these colors and patterns.


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