Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Must Have Mustard!

Hi everyone, Dus of Cuddly Cacti here! Mustard definitely appears to be a "must have" for this year, but after looking at the pictures I just took, it's again one of those colors I seem to love in theory. Looking back I can't think of a single mustard item I own, perhaps because I always think yellow/mustard hues aren't the best for my complexion/hair color. But, seeing so many of the rest of the crew look amazing in Erica's dress, I decided I'd give it a shot too! 

While I still wouldn't say it's my best color I loved the color, the sleeves, the pleated top and flared skirt and had so much fun wearing something so different than anything I own (always my favorite thing with these swaps)! And of course I "hippied it up" a bit per my frequent style with a vintage backpack and this handwoven belt, chuckling to myself that Erica herself wore purple and yellow in our most recent style challenge. Thanks Erica for loaning so many of us your gorgeous dress!

Dressswap w/ Erica
Hat, Sandals, & Bag: thrifted
Hand Woven Belt: my non-profit shop (find here)

And here's how much of the Flock Together crew have styled up Erica's dress:

Ashley | Marlen


Do you have any colors you love "in theory" or is it just me? And have you ever worn a color you thought would be awful on you and ended up loving it? I'd love to see hear about or see links if you have any. Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Days and thanks for following along! I'd love if you said hi over on my blog, and don't forget you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well if you'd like.  



  1. Me encanta el color mostaza pero a mi me sienta fatal :)) , tu estas guapisima besos

  2. Colors I thought would look bad that looked better than I thought- actually Mustard is one of those. Yellows and greens can be tricky close to the face, but i think you look good in this. And how fun that you took a style risk. It paid off.

  3. I really do love mustard, it's a gorgeous colour. I love how every single one of you styled this piece, it's amazingly versatile!!
    I used to be wary of yellows but I love them now

  4. I love seeing how you all styled this dress! So many fun takes on it.
    I was at a clothing sale this past weekend with lots of vintage vendors, and there was this gorgeous chartreuse silk blouse with pink flowers. I kept feeling it on the rack, even carried it around for a while, but the sad truth is a colour that neon so close to my face makes me look like the walking dead, and it would have been a waste of $20; it belonged with someone who could rock it! Sadly, many of my favourite colours look terrible on me. It's a pale girl's curse.

  5. Oh, I love the way you styled this Dus! The belt is a perfect color to wear with mustard and I love how bohemian you made this look. Really wonderful. I think it's great so many of us have worn this!

  6. You look sooo pretty in this yellow dress!!!

  7. So adorable Dus! I don't think is a bad color on your at all and I love the pretty "hippie-fied" version with the belt and bag! Love seeing all the ways people have worn this :)
    xo hannah

  8. This dress is amazing. I love how you styled it and it's so fun to see how everyone had a different spin on it! I'm pretty obsessed with mustard and have found my closet turning yellow :)

  9. The dress is lovely, Dus! The colour suits you really well.

    As a lover of colour, I'm ashamed to say I don't own any mustard coloured clothing. *sadface*.



  10. Dus it looks so good on you! I love the belt you wore with it and how it matches your bag perfectly! The shape is super flattering and pretty on everyone!

  11. Wow, that dress certainly is getting around and I can see why - it looks so great on everyone! Dus, I really love the belt that you paired with it! So pretty!



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