Sunday, May 26, 2013

Style Challenge: Unexpected Colour Combinations

For this Style Challenge, we decided to put together outfits with unexpected colour combinations! As you may have noticed, all of us adore outfits that utilize all kinds of hues, so why not experiment a little with uncommon--and perhaps, unconventional--colour combos?

Erica of Sweets and Hearts: Yellow & Purple
Complimentary colors seem like they'd make obvious combinations, but I don't usually see yellow and purple together (well, in fashion anyway--it usually just makes me think of the The Lakers). I paired a buttery yellow blouse with an orchid purple skirt, and the result was fresh and summery!

 photo mint_zps017445bd.jpg
Jenna of Smitten: Yellow and Mint 
Just like Erica my colour combination reminds me of a sports team, my favourite CFL team the Eskimo's are green and gold, but I took the pairing in a much more subdued route than the sports team's bold hues. These soft pastels seemed to work really well together but isn't something I would have normally thought would "go" That's the best part of blogging, pushing boundaries of what "goes" and coming up with some really interesting combinations. 

 photo f82333b0-919f-4f70-92d5-0834a9ff0fa0_zps0053eace.jpg 
Marlen of Messages on a Napkin: Mint & Mustard
There's a whole lot of alliteration going on in my title haha, but one of my favorite unexpected color combos has been mint and mustard. Mustard is one of my favorite colors to play with because it can be both warm and fresh at the same time, and you'd be surprised what a playful backdrop it could be for layering an outfit. So now you don't have to wait to bust out those mustard pieces for Fall- they're good all year round ;)

And if you like the floral top, it's for sale in my vintage shop, Bear and Twine!

Hannah of The Braided Bandit: Orange & Yellow
My favorite unexpected color combinations are ones in similar color families like pink and red or yellow and orange!  I borrowed this lovely dress from Marisa and so wish it was mine!  Though this was in the fall, I feel like the yellow and orange combination is fresh and citrusy sweet for summer time as well!

Dus oCuddly Cacti: Pink & Blue
I know I have a couple unexpected color combos back in the blog archives somewhere, but for this style challenge I decided to make a brand new look for you all. And since it's currently 96 degrees over in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, my creativity wasn't quite at its peak and a swimsuit seemed like the only practical option. Since I'm a one-piece-gal anyway I went for a "pool party look," and paired it with my woven scarf, bracelet, and straw hat, all handmade finds from when I lived in Mexico! And then I ran through the kiddie splash pad at the park down the street so yes, I am actually still alive ; ).

Elana of Room 334: Mint & Mauve
I'm not sure if you'd really classify this top as mint or blue, but it's pretty dang bright and I've only had the courage to pair it with neutrals until now. This skirt has become my new go-to piece for the summer and I've loved seeing the different tops I can pair with it. One top I never thought to put with it, though, was this one, which is exactly why I wanted to wear them together for this challenge. I love seeing what combinations the other girls have come up with and I'm definitely going to have to go outside my comfort zone now that I have all this inspiration!

Marisa of The Shades of Monet Chronicles: Blue and Purple
I'm definitely not the kind of gal to shy away from color, that's for sure.  Once spring weather rears it's pretty head for the season, I really love to experiment with vivid color combinations - especially those close together on the color wheel.  The almost opposite floral prints of these two vintage pieces in my closet -  my purple blouse and sky blue dress were just dying to be paired together.  The result - something a little playful and bright for the warmer months.  I'm not going to lie, this combination was totally inspired by my elementary school colors...but hey, I'm a kid at heart:-)

Jen of JennifHsieh: Mustard & Forest
I've always had a love affair with mustard and forest green for the longest time, but I've never thought of pairing the two colors together. I have no idea why it took me so long to try it out, but now that I have, I've fallen in love with the combination. I've found that mixing two random colors together and making them work is a style challenge in itself (and it's a great way to think of new outfit ideas). What unexpected color combos are you guys trying out?

Jessi of Haircut & General Attitude: Neon Peach, Pink & Mustard
I've always been one to go for bright color combos over neutrals. I know people who can't commit to a standout piece in a bright color because they'd rather have something to match their whole wardrobe. Well...I'm the opposite. My closet is packed full of fun-colored pieces and I'm still working on building up my basics! When I saw this neon peachy number on clearance I couldn't help but bring it home. I decided to pair it with more warm hues for a really fun Spring look!
 (check out more pics and outfit deets on the blog!)

What's your favorite unexpected color combination?


  1. this is a great idea, i love that a bunch of you have gotten together and decided to all do this, and it forces you to challenge yourself and wear things together that you normally wouldn't, and of course you might find you really like it.

    little henry lee

  2. Oh, all the color combos are just fantastic!

  3. Such a great project, well done:) all outfits are so radiant and bright!!
    Have a good time everyone:)

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  4. So many pretty ones I can't even pick a favorite! I definitely now want a forest green skirt like yours Jen- so pretty!

  5. I love everyones outfits, they've definitely given me some inspiration for other unique colour combinations!!!

  6. I agree with Hannah! Jen you're outfit gave me some inspo for sure! I have a forest green skirt just like that one :)
    Everyone's outfits look awesome, this was a fun challenge!

  7. All of these complementary colour combinations look fabulous and the outfits are all extraordinarily pretty! I try to use contrasting complementary colours for my own outfit posts and the combinations above are a good inspiration.


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