Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cupcakes for Everyone

 photo Bearandtwineredo174_zps2531e4ea.jpg  photo Bearandtwineredo154_zps3c84e7f4.jpg
Hey ladies! Marlen from Messages on a Napkin here, posting my take on Rachel's cupcake dress.

When I first saw this up for swap, what instantly drew me in was the collar on the dress. I'm always looking for layering opportunities, and one of my most favorite (and effortless) tricks is to shimmy a sweater onto a dress and have the collar peak out.  It's a nice alternative to my usual blazer and button-down cardi routine (I'm sure you can relate!)

See? Easy peasy. This also works with short-sleeve shirts during the summer. And it's a bonus because it doubles your wardrobe by making dresses into possible skirts ;)

Now just add a big bauble necklace to add some interest to the casual outfit, and we're done!
 photo Bearandtwineredo164_zps0898662e.jpg  photo Bearandtwineredo172_zps9ffc0030.jpg
And how dreamy is the color scheme? I love peach and mint together!
 photo Bearandtwineredo157_zps28ded114.jpg
 photo Untitled_zps0cd89fe2.jpg
 photo Rach_zps49735b6e.jpg
Rachel from Floral Prints and Common Sense decided not to mess with a good thing and let the dress stand alone. But she did play with details and added cutsie flats and a straw bag. See her full post here!
 photo Jessi_zpse0b2ab27.jpg
And Jessi from Haircut and General Attitude layered with a floral blazer that brought out the peach in the dress, and cinched it with a belt at the waist to tie the whole look together. See the full post here!

And if you like my looks and styling, come check out my blog HERE :)


  1. I love the color scheme you've got here, Marlen!
    I accidentally stained this dress, with (irony of ironies) stain remover. D'OH!


    1. HAHA oh my god, NO! That's irony at it's finest, well done

    2. Oh no!! How does that even happen? Lol that sucks

  2. LOVE this dress with the sweater, the clours are absolutely dreamy together!! I love the way all you gals styled this piece
    Marlen, I know I say it every single time, but you are the QUEEN of layering

  3. Oh my goodness the colors ARE dreamy!! Gorgeous look Marlen! That sweater is perfect with this dress, I love layering sweaters over collared dresses too, it's the best! And that necklace is gorgeous! Plus I agree with Jenna & I say it all the time too! Haha queen of layering!

  4. I really like the last look


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