Sunday, July 21, 2013

Round-up: Swell Swimwear

For July's monthly roundup, we thought it was only fitting that we share what items we're loving for those summer days when vintage dresses aren't exactly acceptable. Whether we're headed to the beach, the pool, or just daydreaming about the ocean, here are the swimsuits that we're coveting at the moment. Know of some other cute ones? We'd love to hear your choices in the comments!

I'll be honest. There is not much call for swimwear in my daily existence. In a landlocked, arid desert of state, there's just not much swimming. Wish there was though, with this striped, retro number. Doesn't it make you want to book a flight to Nice to enjoy some sunshine on the Côte d'Azur while pretending to be Grace Kelly a la To Catch a Thief? No? Just me then? But you can't deny you still want this bikini.  

I'm a one-piece/tankini kind-a-gal. Always have been and always will. It comes from a mix of my mother's modest Midwestern upbringing and my tomboy childhood I suppose, and is exaggerated by my extremely pale skin and my obsession with protecting it as best as possible in this excessively strong/bright Arizona sun. Needless to say, I'm always on the lookout for a good vintage-looking suite, and this retro one I found on Ester's blog here is a nautical delight!

Picked by: Katie of Butterfly Loves Snapdragons

Let's just get it out there in the open that I really hate swimming. I feel so exposed and on display in a  swimsuit and shopping for one is never a fun experience. Well, it wasn't fun, until I found out about Jessica Rey Swimwear! Jessica is a proponent of modesty and her tagline is, "Who says it has to be itsy bitsy?" playing off the song Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. You would really shine on the beach in this darling swimdress!

 photo flora_zpsaf3065f4.jpg
Picked by: Jenna of Smitten

As a small chested lady I have a lot of trouble finding bathing suits that don't make me look like a 13 year old boy. There isn't a lot of shape or support in most suits, so a bra style bathing suit top is definitely right for me. I have a few strapeless that work but that's a risky situation getting in and out of the pool. I actually wear two piece bikini's now to prove a point, when I was experiencing health problems people said I couldn't wear a two piece anymore because of my scars. Pffft, scars are wonderful and I would gladly rock showing them off in this adorable floral bikini!

Item: Hannah Checkered Indie Swimsuit
Picked by: Hannah of The Braided Bandit

Contrary to popular belief, growing up on the Jersey Shore did not involve fist pumping for me, but it sure did involve lots of swimsuits! My swimsuit drawer was always over flowing and I used to live in them pretty much every day of summer.  Now that I live in Colorado, I definitely have much less of a need for them but I still love them! This adorable suit from Ruche not only shares my name, but is also my favorite color and one of my favorite prints!

Item: Blue Floral "Floating Along" Bustier Top and Swimsuit Bottom by Seafolly via ModCloth
Picked by: Erica of Sweets and Hearts
I love retro-inspired swimsuits--especially the girly ones, of course. Seafolly has some of the prettiest swimwear I've seen. This powder blue two-piece has the loveliest pink and white floral print. The top is a bustier style with straps, and the bottom has a dainty little bow on the side (isn't it adorable?). Unfortunately, I haven't had any time to head to the pool or beach this summer, which is a huge shame because I really enjoy swimming and relaxing in the sun! Hopefully I'll have some time to swim soon because it would be even more fun wearing something like this. 

 Item: ?? (from Harpers's Bazaar July 2013)
Picked By: Jessi of Haircut & General Attitude

I'm usually a bikini gal, but this one-piece has me swooning! If only I could find out where it's from! I love the high-waisted trend in swimwear right now and this one incorporates that look while remaining a single piece. The cut out and ruching at the bust make it both bold and feminine, just my style! And the soft colors are so delicate and romantic... Oh, how I'd love to wear this for a stroll on the beach with my Hubby (too bad I'm landlocked, I'll have to put up with the less-romantic water parks and lakes for now)
Item: Cream Texture Scallop Swimsuit from Topshop

I've forever been the fan of retro inspired one pieces - especially now since I just had my second little babe only a month ago.  The pastel daffodil yellow shade and little scallops on this number truly have me in full on swoon-mode.  Now I may just have to make it part of my wardrobe before summer comes to an end.  I could definitely see myself jumping some waves in this beauty along with a cute vintage scarf to tie my locks up during my upcoming beach vacation.

Item: Wildflowers print retro swimsuit from Eeko via Etsy
Picked by: Elana of Room 334

I have a confession to make. Despite growing up on the west coast and spending half my time in Orange County every year (with frequent visits to Balboa Island, one of my favorite places in the world), I haven't actually owned a swimsuit in years. While I love beach cities, I'm not a big fan of actually sitting on the beach or going in the water. That said, I still love admiring swimsuits and, like most of my fellow Flock Together girls, I love a good retro cut. This one, that features a gorgeous New Zealand scenery of wildflowers and hills, has a flattering cut and is unique in all the right ways.


Item: Lolli bow back one piece swimsuit from Urban Outfitters
Picked by: Ashley of Southern (California) Belle
Leave it to me to lust after something striped and with bows!  I love the deep scoop back detail, it's fun and kind of sexy at the same time.  One pieces have definitely made a comeback this year and it's nice to see all kinds of cuts and interesting prints.  I don't feel super comfotable sporting a bikini this summer and this swimsuit is the perfect stand in :)

 One Piece Swimsuit with Bows / Bow Bathing Suit / DESIGNER BILL BLASS / xs - s / cut out design retro
Item: Bill Blass Swimsuit from Folks and Fables
Picked by: Marlen of Messages on a Napkin

I'll admit, I have owned my fair share of Victoria Secret bikinis. I've had some questionable sparkly numbers, some highlighter pink getups, and some napkin-sized bottom ones. But as I got deeper into my 20's I got less and less comfortable frolicking about with all my business out in the open. That, or I just didn't feel the need to hit the gym as often (read: never). So enter my one piece phase. I really love anything with a retro feel to it, but doesn't quite look like I'm about to take the elderly aquatics class at the gym. Which is why I love this Folks and Fables one so much- just look at those bows! 


  1. Wow, I love that dress one! That looks elegant and sexy. You don't see things like that often. My own one is a two-piece with a skirt and it was the first time I'd ever seen ones like that in Britain.
    My preferred outfit for the beach though is pretty bikini top + board shorts. It's like half-modesty, cause I love my boobs but not my legs. :)

  2. So many cute choices I love them all!
    @Jessi, I LOVE your choice so I looked it up and found it @ Free People here (its by Kore SWIM)

    Unfortunately a bit out of my price range, but adorable! :)

    1. Thanks Hannah you're the best!! :) WAY out of my price range too sadly... Sigh.

  3. I want one of all of these, seriously, they're all gorgeous!! I never used to like one pieces but all of these ones are SO cute and unique

  4. "the elderly aquatics class at the gym" and the "jersey shore fist bumping" really gave me a chuckle. some great finds here, and I knew you could find one that'd be fitting for you to swim around in Katie : )
    My blog: Cuddly Cacti
    My E-Shop: Mitla Moda

  5. Great picks, girls!! Loving the Etsy ones especially.

    xox Sammi


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