Sunday, August 11, 2013

Group Roundup: Summer Highlights

If you're like us, you're probably wondering where exactly summer went. It seems like just yesterday we were throwing our tights into the backs of our closets and whipping out the sundresses and sunglasses. Even though we're gearing up for fall, we're not quite ready to let go of summer that easily. You can read more about our individual summer adventures on our personal blogs, but here are a few highlights. What are yours?

Elana of Room 334

As one of the youngest Flock Together girls, I was fortunate enough to enjoy a real summer break (albeit my last one) as I spent three months home from college in Orange County. I had one of my better summers — I interned with a celebrity stylist, saw all of my best friends, turned 21 — but one of my biggest highlights was just last week when I spent the day on Balboa Island, one of my favorite places in the world. I've never been a huge beach person, but I adore Balboa. You can read all about my day here, but be warned: it's mostly about food.  

Baby gender reveal 016
This summer has been a whirlwind of weddings, showers, and lots of long hours at work.  While there were many great moments this summer, my most memorable was finding out I was having a little girl.  Hello dream come true!  You can read all about that experience on my blog here.
I have so many wonderful highlights from this summer. I got to do two plays, started an Etsy Shop, and go on a couple of road trips. However the most important thing to happen was that my husband and I bought our first home! It has been a wonderful time of living in our own place and slowly making this house into a home. I never thought I'd love a washer and dryer so much, but those guys are my best friends now that we have our own. I'm not alone in our move either, I know quite a few people who moved this summer, some even across the country!

Dus of Cuddly Cacti

Summers can be tough in Phoenix because it is so hot, so long (about five months actually) that it means finding indoor activity alternatives. My husband and I love  hiking and exploring, so it goes without saying that my favorite summer activity was getting out of the heat and exploring somewhere new, New York City in fact, which you can see on my blog here. We've always wanted to visit, and so we backed up our backpacks for a weekend getaway, our last free flight thanks to an airline internship my husband had.


I got married this summer!!!! 

Okay, okay- other things did happen. But even those other things all seem connected to getting married. After the wedding, we honeymooned in Paris (read about it on my blog!), and we've enjoyed using the summer days to adjust to living life as a family and even more of a team than we were before. But this summer will always be colored by the memory our wedding, which went off in the most perfect way possible. I suppose that is a given, considering so long as I ended up hitched The Boy it would automatically be perfect, but it is truly thanks to my friends and family- and all the work that they put in- that it was so magical. Wedding photos haven't been shared yet on my blog, so enjoy this first one, and keep an eye out for more on Never Fully Dressed.

Though we've traveled a bit, seen some concerts, and have had some great moments with friends, the highlight of my summer was simply this:  The Mr. and I welcomed our second son, Clayton, into the world on the first day of my favorite season.  He is the sweetest little guy that I could have ever imagined and is so full of love, coos, and plenty of cuddles.  Right now, this mommy is eating up every moment of having an infant in the house.  I'm blessed that he is a pretty darn awesome sleeper and all around laid back boy... cheers to just that!

I've been really enjoying soaking up the sunshine the last few months and I'm not ready to give it up! I love fall but I love the heat so summer's a close second! We've tried to squeeze in all the fun we can with water parks, amusement parks, hikes at midnight and little road trips. This is from a trip we took to Moab last weekend to see the famous arches and take photos for a guest post I'm doing on Selective Potential tomorrow! (make sure to check it out, I'm pretty excited :D)

 photo a8fdbce0-89f4-40fe-bbdb-f948737e89ec_zpse94baff3.jpg photo 8aa8337c-20ee-4b0e-bab8-6198fc4f55a0_zps7a0baf73.jpg

For me, by far, the best part of summer was flying back down to my hometown of Chicago to go to Lollapalooza. It's been a tradition of mine and my friends' for years now, and moving to Seattle didn't change that ;) It was a day full of muddy sandals, too expensive pulled pork sandwiches, backwards baseball caps, mad dance moves, and lyrics being crooned with laughs mingled in. It was the perfect excuse to fly down to my loves, and was the best way to cap off my summer. 


  1. Everyone has had such awesome big changes this summer!! It sounds like there have been some really fantastic summers between everyone:) I've just been relaxing, nothing terribly exciting on my end haha

  2. I'm with Jenna, I can't compete with babies, weddings, and new houses! I'm pretty boring compared to all you ladies ;)

  3. Glad everyone had so many fun summer moments!! Huge congrats to Ashley & Marisa & of course Kristian - can't wait to see your wedding! & Jessi, I will def be checking that out tomorrow, we went to Arches last summer & it was amazing!
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  4. Eep, I love everyone's photos here - just darling - so many fun and quite amazing summer moments :-) Congrats Kristian and Ashley and of course Katie with buying your first home!

  5. Aw, sounds like everyone has lots to celebrate! Congratulations to you all! :)

  6. Haha this is the only time I've been glad to not be a part of Flock Together... if I were a part of this post you all would have put my summer to shame! Looks like you guys all had really amazing summers!


  7. AMAZING POST :) I really like your you have bloglovin??

    Check out my new post..modern Swedish living

    and have a great week dear :)

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)


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