Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tolkien, Apple Skirts, & Other Things

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Color you intrigued with the title, huh? Haha hello, hello, Marlen from Messages on a Napkin here! Today I'm styling an apple print skirt that I borrowed from Floral Prints and Common Sense. I like the cutesy apple pattern on it and wanted to challenge myself in finding a way to style up something so sweet.

Rachel is most definitely notorious for her quirky style and printed items (hello cloud print cardigans and cat print shorts), and I wanted to take a leaf out of her book and try it out for a day. I decided to do one of my favorite styling tricks and create a contrast with the cotton number. And by doing that I paired it with one of my most fancy vintage tops- a gold, sequined number that looks a lot like ethereal armor (yes, I just dropped a LOTR reference, haha) just....girly. It's a lot like wearing a baseball hat with heels (and if I knew how to walk in heels, I'd be all over that, too).

What do you think of the outcome? Do you have a favorite outfit that's got the contrasting casual & fancy vibe? If so, drop us the link! ;)
 photo MayBlog030_zps5465e159.jpg photo MayBlog022_zps1a5e923b.jpg
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Ps- And if you like my style, come check out more outfits on my blog, Messages on a Napkin! ;)

Shirt- for sale in my shop
Skirt- borrowed from Floral Prints and Common Sense
Belt- CK (thrifted)
Sandals- H&M


  1. Aw, thanks for still including me, Marlen! I love how you styled it with the glitzy top, too cool!
    I'm actually selling the skirt in my shop, too haha!


  2. I love that you both styled it with chambray! That gold top is gorgeous Marlen!! I'm loving the contrast :)

  3. what a fun outfit! love both styled looks! that skirt is just darling with the navy and red!

  4. This apple printed skirt is so adorable, love the fancy top you paired with it Marlen! Such a great combo


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