Wednesday, September 11, 2013

City Tour with Messages on a Napkin: Seattle

 photo 5a9e8b56-1f50-4c75-b28e-9db78020d89a_zpsfc5c4b98.jpg  photo a917162b-a1d5-4dcd-af4f-5b6995d79a67_zps6bc4a301.jpg

Hi guys, Marlen from Messages on a Napkin here! I've lived my whole life in Chicago (born and raised), and thought I'd never venture outside my cozy, little Midwestern bubble. I liked my winters bristling cold, my summers shimmering with humidity, and the Second City had everything I needed from a city. We had old architecture that often made me feel like I was still walking the pavement in the 1920's (sans a fox stole or two, sigh), a beach coasting around our downtown and waves lapping against the shore as I made my way to work, skyscrapers tearing through clouds that I could see through my kitchen window, neighborhoods with their own quirky personalities, and a speakeasy tucked away into a corner or two. 

But then I landed an exceptionally shitty job right after college (Think The Devil Wears Prada just without the glamour), and feeling my youth wither and die inside my cubicle I decided to up and quit and go venture through India and Nepal for two months. When I came back home I still had some left-over wanderlust that stuffed any fear or second-guessing (or common sense) into the back closets of my mind, and I decided to move cross-country to Seattle with my boyfriend, Marc, on a whim. Which is where I am now, three months in and exploring the Pacific Northwest! And today you can explore with me, with some of my favorite pictures I've snapped of my new city. And if you want to look at some of my other day-to-day photos, visit my "Adventures" tab on my blog, Messages on a Napkin!  

 photo 35019829-321f-4991-a214-23c879e85a1c_zps418b176a.jpg  photo b32b65d5-b4cf-468c-8c8b-d77ad2e2ef51_zps4f2dd694.jpg
 photo 564483eb-0a0d-4572-b93d-20f4445bbbe4_zps407b923e.jpg
 photo 7bd9ecc1-c9d3-4c29-be8b-a5dc5040025e_zps442a4913.jpg  photo 4db9b37a-1c87-4c62-b2fa-59e621c640fb_zps94309c04.jpg photo 57883484-aa4c-40c6-8e5a-8b9e43c52c70_zps671944c3.jpg
 photo 49e4ec21-e87c-4335-b737-e95b0e19f748_zps72dfdcf7.jpg  photo 0d0d28e5-7bf3-4b0b-8149-d61963cd7208_zps5c89566a.jpg  photo 258ee3b4-93c4-47d0-9565-8ec247f0a326_zps383501f4.jpg  photo af904579-5bdc-4c9c-a819-b322a7a16d7f_zps8661610e.jpg
 photo 5e1227a8-b1be-42ae-a11b-702c2c287e9e_zps37a52b40.jpg

Ps- Our thoughts go out to everyone that was affected by what happened today 12 years ago. We'll always remember. 


  1. I love this! I actually went to school in Seattle for two years and it is nice to see non-touristy photos of Seattle. Such a beautiful city.
    Little Sloth

  2. The architecture is soo beautiful. I've never been to Seattle OR Chicago. Definitely on my bucketlist!

  3. The architecture is soo beautiful. I've never been to Seattle OR Chicago. Definitely on my bucketlist!

  4. You make me want to visit Seattle!

  5. You make me want to visit Seattle!

  6. How fun Marlen! I knew you packed up and quiet your job, but knowing that it was “exceptionally shitty” makes it all make sense now. or as much as doing such an incredible thing as travel to India/Nepal for that long can be! I didn’t realize you’d only been in Seattle three months now. I loved seeing your pictures of the city and some of the places we got to visit last year. Too bad you weren’t living there last Nov. and we could’ve met you!

    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  7. I love how adventure loving you are! I would totally pick up and move across the country -or the world- if I could! (and if I could get Ethan to agree) Thanks for the peak into Seattle! I've never been. You have some gorgeous photography here.

  8. Great shots lovely!! You live in such a beautiful city, and good for you for having the ladyballs to move with your bf across the country. YOU GO GIRL

  9. oh my goodness, these shots are stunning. Absolutely breathtaking photography! Fab post, love. If you get a moment, I'm sharing two new looks today. I'd love to hear your thoughts. :) xo

  10. I just came back from visiting Seattle for my birthday(which was the 10 th)! I looove it there and want to live there so bad! Or at least anywhere in the Pacific Northwest....if you love crepes, check out Crepe De France, its in Pike Place Market! Delish! I love your pics:)

  11. Wow that sounds like an amazing adventure! The pictures are amazing. Wish you the best



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