Sunday, April 14, 2013

Reader Remix: Kati of Almost Stylish

Who: Kati of Almost Stylish

What: The remixed piece is a mint skirt that I have found in one of London's many charity shops for only £2.75, so it was a total bargain! 

How:  I immediately knew I would buy this skirt just because of its colour and the versatility it comes from it. Many of the colours in my wardrobe go with this kind of colour, and I knew that the possibilities of wearing it would be endless!

See how she wore the piece here and here.

This post is part of our Reader Remix series where our readers share their own remixes of their favorite pieces. Have a remix that you'd like us to feature? Just submit 2-3 outfits that feature at least one common item with your name, blog URL, and a brief description with the subject line "reader submission" to


  1. I love the color and the fit of the skirt Kati! It looks adorable with both striped tops, such a good find:)

  2. That mint skirt is quite a find and a bargain! I could spend quite a bit of time imagining all the different coloured outfit pieces that mint skirt would coordinate nicely with.

  3. what a bargain indeed Kati! I love your remix here, I tot thought it was a diff skirt w/ how diff the pink tights make it look. super fun w/ all the layers : )

  4. You look great Kati! I especially like that striped cardigan. :)

  5. Perfect fussion anyway :)

  6. Such a great remix Kati! I love how the mint skirt looks so different from one outfit to the next when paired with pastels then bright colors.

  7. Yay I LOVE Kati! This skirt seriously is adorable and I can't believe the price you paid! I love that you mixed it with pastels and then with bold colors and stripes and they both work equally as well with it.

  8. Ah Kati, welcome to the ranks of a Flock Together Reader Remix :) love both these outfits, they are seriously so unique and colorful! I would have never thought to pair those items together, but you pull it off so well! Mint is totally in right now so it's very lucky you found that at a thrift store, a great find!!

    perfectly priya


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