Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Girly Skeleton Print Dress

Hello everyone! I'm back for my first swap post here on Flock Together. I was super excited to be able to try out Jessica's skeleton print dress. I love that it's such a feminine shape with its cool, edgy skeleton anatomy print. I decided to play up the girly aspects of the piece with a giant houndstooth hair bow and some pink tights. Even with the feminine additions, this look still reads somewhat edgy simply because of the print on the dress. Another instance of novelty prints making an outfit!

Dress: Modcloth - borrowed from Jessica
Cardigan: Kohl's
Tights: Kmart
Shoes: Steve Madden - Shoe Carnival
Hair Bow: handmade

It's amazing how versatile this dress is. It just goes to show that just about anything in a black and white print can be easily remixed! Check out the other ways we styled the dress below and be sure to click through to see everyone's full post!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Throwback to Fall

Hi guys! Hannah here from The Braided Bandit and man, has it been forever!  I actually haven't swapped a piece of cute clothing with the other gals in quite some time, but I was just going through my iPhoto archives to clear some space on my slow-as-molasses laptop when I stumbled upon this forgotten shoot from this fall.  So without further adieu, here's how I styled a fun polka dot number I borrowed from Elana!
Outfit Details:
Dress - Borrowed from Elana
Blouse - c/o Persunmall
Shoes - h&m
Purse - Vintage

And here's the awesome queen of polka-dots herself, Elana, looking cute as ever in her dress! You can see her full post here.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with us flock together gals even when the posting has been a bit slow around here.  We're definitely still around and will hopefully have more fun swaps and style remixes for you in the near future.  Feel free to stop by my personal blog to say hello, and you can also stop by my vintage shop where I am having a HUGE $10 sale and markdowns on the whole store, wahoo!  Hope you guys are staying warm and cozy!
xo Hannah

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


grazioso long farewell dress modcloth

Morning!  Long time no post.  It's Sammi from The Soubrette Brunette, and today I'm posting a little remix of Elana's awesome black + white checked dress.  I tend to borrow a ton of clothes from Elana, and I always end up loving everything she sends my way.  I wanted to try this particular dress because although I really like it on other people, it isn't a piece that I'd normally pick out for myself.  I don't have a ton of plain dresses (which can be problematic sometimes!), and although this has a distinctive pattern, if I've learned anything from What Not To Wear, it's that a pattern like this can definitely act as a neutral!

plaid dress

I also decided to take a page out of Marisa's book and pair this dress with some funky colored tights.  I didn't end up wearing a cardigan for these photos, but I think a red sweater would look really fun with this ensemble, too.  Since this dress is both structured and comfy, it can be dressed up or down, which always comes in handy.

black and white plaid dress

Outfit Details
Dress: borrowed from Elana
Belt: from another dress
Shoes: ModCloth
Tights: Target

checked dress

Elana put this dress up for swaps pretty recently, so none of the other girls have had a chance to style it yet, but I love how Elana styled it with a sweet bow belt and a pop of blue from her shoes!  This dress would lend itself well to so many different stylings, so I can't wait to see how the other girls wear it in the future!  How would you wear Elana's plaid dress?

Have a great Wednesday!
xox Sammi

Thursday, January 22, 2015


What do you do when an adorable dress ends up being an awkward length on you? If you're me, you throw a skirt over it and hope that it'll maybe, somehow work. Hi, if you haven't figured it out yet, it's Elana from Room 334 here, and I'm showing you how I styled this plaid perfection of a dress that Sammi let me borrow. 

It's no secret that I love wearing dresses as tops. It instantly doubles your wardrobe, and as someone who doesn't buy a ton of tops in general, it helps me make good use of my skirt collection. This bright plaid has such a great vintage vibe to it, that I figured it only made sense to pair it with a vintage skirt and thrifted slingbacks. I added this equally colorful necklace that my friend made as a finishing touch and ended up with pretty fun, classy look if I say so myself. Who knew a statement dress like this could be so versatile?

Of course, no one styles flirty dresses better than Sammi. Her summer look is perfection to me, and I can't get over how well the boater hat pairs it. As usual, I'm envious of everything she wears. 

That's it for me today, but stop by my blog for outfit details!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Traveling Fox

Marisa of The Shades of Monet Chronicles
Hello there :)

It's been a wee bit, but I'm back with today serving up part remix part swap and as always, plenty of color.  This little fox number of mine surely has traveled up and down the coast and across the country making it's way to many of the gals here at Flock Together.  Though I'll be forever drawn to quirky-cute critter-ridden pieces like this, it's often that I think that they are not super versatile - this one especially with it's smack-you-in-the-face bright 80s inspired teal/magenta color scheme.  

Looks like I've been proven wrong though.  It's always kind of blows my mind when I see how the gals remix one piece so many different ways from one person to the next.  Talk about new options.  

As for me, this time around (which was back in the fall, btw), I paired it with Taylor's black accordion skirt.  Being that I was cooped in a car traveling to Philly for the weekend, I was in the mood for something fairly simple and uber comfortable.  After all, long car rides always call for loose fitting pieces and minimal layers in my book.  

Check how all these Flock Together gals past and present (including myself) remixed this piece:

Love Bunches,
Outfit Details:
Sweater: Target // Skirt: swap from Taylor // Bag & Hat: Vintage, thrift // Shoes: Poetic License

Friday, January 16, 2015

Pattern Mixing with Polka Dots & Vintage

lisa from lala faux bois

Wow- it's been awhile! Although breaks are nice and totally necessary, there's something comforting about getting back into routines (and swapping clothes!). 

I borrowed this dress from Elana last month, although this may not look like December for most of you. It was a warm but breezy day and this dress definitely had some good twirling power with the wind. I didn't have anywhere special to wear this wonderful vintage dress, but sometimes an ordinary day can be made more fun with the perfect dress, polka dots, and a peter pan collar. And it's nice to balance out the occasional day spent working from home in leggings and a sweatshirt ;)

vintage dress: borrowed from Elana
top: Buffalo Exchange
vintage shoes: thrifted

Elana looked cute as can be wearing this dress to a wedding, and it looks like I took some cues from her with the low-heeled black shoes :)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Jamie of Petite Panoply

Hi! I'm Jamie from Petite Panoply and I'm very excited to be the newest member of Flock Together! I'm a 4'11" 24-year-old semi-recent grad living outside of Atlanta, Georgia who finds getting dressed a creative and fun experience. Coming up with outfits and blogging has been one of my most entertaining and time consuming hobbies since 2011.

In my not blogging free time I binge watch series on Netflix, read news and science articles online, convince myself I need just one more shade of lipstick, play video games, and read books made of actual paper. When I'm out of the house I like to go to concerts, go thrifting, or stuff my face with new and delicious food. I'm an ex-musical theatre and marching band geek, though if there was adult marching band around here I'd be all over that. 

When people describe my style, the word "colorful" is usually used. I'm a big fan of using bold colors, patterns, and playing with texture. I also like to mix retro pieces with newer trends. I dress according to my mood so sometimes I'll be ultra girly in a 50s style dress and other days I'll channel my inner rock star with studs and leather. I'll probably never be one of those girls with a specific look because I love so many different styles. Fashion and makeup are things I can easily change to suit how I want to feel that day!

Some other style related factoids: 
I can't resist a good pair of cheap sunglasses or shoes. Big and bold 80s style delights me. I have an Ikea cart full of nail polish and my makeup collection is getting ridiculous. 60% of the time you'll see me wearing a hair bow. I also love tights and always look forward to the weather being cool enough to wear them.

On my own blog I try to highlight how different styles can work on a short frame. Since I'm a fully grown human on the shorter side of average, finding certain clothes that fit normally can be a challenge. Clothes aren't made for women who never hit 5 feet! Hemming things and taking up the straps are my best friends. Luckily I have fewer problems fitting into clothes now than I did as a young teenager!

I'm honored to have been welcomed into this group. Remixing the items in my own wardrobe has always been something I enjoy. I'm looking forward to figuring out new ways to style the items swapped here. (Plus I'm sure to get some inspiration for my own pieces after seeing them styled by the fantastic Flock Together women!) 

Feel free to drop by my blog if you get a chance and I'll talk to you again soon!
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