Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cats, Kittens, and Felines

Outfit Details:

Cat dress // borrowed from Elana
Striped cat graphic t-shirt // Topshop (no longer available)
Bow // DIY
Lipstick // MAC Russian Red

When I was putting on this outfit a couple of weekends ago, my husband looked at me with a cocked eyebrow and asked: "Does that shirt and that dress look okay together?" (What a brave, brave man.) What I really wanted to say was "DUNNO, HONEY PIE; I WAS ABOUT TO ASK YOU THE SAME THING ABOUT YOUR FACE AND YOUR TEETH", but I settled for a solid yes and a polite "shove off my style, son". It didn't really matter to me if it looked good to anyone else because I liked it, so ha-rumph.

All drama aside, I was really happy to be able to have borrowed this dress from Elana; you can really do so many different things with it. And I thought that pairing my cat tee with it was just...wait for it...THE CAT'S MEOW.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Kon Tiki

Lisa from Lala Faux Bois

I love a good Hawaiian or Tiki themed print, and no midcentury lovin' closet or decor is complete without some Polynesian influence. I may be alone here, but when I think Hawaii, one of the first things to come to mind is the classic Brady Bunch family vacation to Hawaii- cursed tiki idol ring a bell? 

Thanks to Hannah letting me borrow this amazing shirt, I was able to whisk myself away to an island party, if only for a day.

top: borrowed from Hannah // scarf & skirt: thrifted // shoes: my shop

Hannah and Jana definitely nail the true Hawaiian style and are both ready for the tiki party of all tiki parties- please invite me ladies, I'd love to share a Volcano Bowl with you! :)

Friday, September 26, 2014


Hey all! Jana here from Small Town, BIG SMILE! Long time no see! It seems like it's been forever since I've posted over here... and with good reason. August and September were b.u.s.y. months for me! So let's hope this post is a good start to a great autumn-blogging season! In today's post, I'm wearing this great black and white striped dress from Taylor. Funny story: I borrowed this dress thinking it was navy and white striped, and planned on wearing it with red tights! It was actually one of the first dresses I borrowed.  When it arrived, to my surprise, it was black, not navy! I was still tempted to style it with the red tights, but it wouldn't have had the nautical style I was originally intending to sport. Not only that, the week I had this dress, the weather was HOT! So tights just weren't an option. 

Instead of the tights, I opted for some red accessories, and my big floppy hat with black under-lining, turning my original nautical planned outfit into a more classic style. In the end, I loved how the outfit turned out, but I have to admit, if I had it again during the chillier months that are now approaching, I'd love to remix it with some bright tights like Taylor did! 

Check out how Taylor styled it!

Outfit details: 
Dress: borrowed from Taylor
 Hat: Ruche (old)
Belt: from another dress
Shoes: Bait Footwear



Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hot Wheels

Why, hello there. It's Elana from Room 334 here today, and I'm sharing my deep, deep love of Marisa's bicycle dress with you. You know those pieces that you lust after to the point of obsession, but just never end up buying? That's this dress for me. How could it not be? I fell in love with it the moment all of my favorite stores started stocking it and I noticed that there were puppies sitting in the baskets of some of the bicycles in the print. It's basically perfect. Unfortunately, the stars have never aligned (and by that, I mean that I've never been able to justify the purchase), and I've never been able to make the dress mine. Instead, I got to borrow it from the lovely Marisa and see how even more perfect it is for a limited amount of time. Seriously, you guys, it's perfect. The print, the silhouette, the...everything. 

I wore it a couple weeks ago when my brother was in town visiting to see my other brother's new baby and then to get gelato and drinks with a couple of our friends. It was a pretty relaxed day, so I went pretty casual with a denim jacket (that it was probably too warm to be wearing) and some oxfords. I'm a little sad because I took these photos on a different day from when I originally wore this, and I couldn't find the necklace that I had I worn with it. It was a plane necklace, and I thought I was being pretty funny (as usual) by wearing a plane necklace with a bicycle dress. Get it? 

Obviously, both Marisa and Sammi look ridiculously adorable in the dress. But no one is surprised by that. 

Well, that's all I have for you today. Hope to see you over on my blog for the outfit details and talk about how much I love junk food and TV. It's really all you've ever wanted out of a fashion blog.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Falling for Army

Hi guys!  Hannah here from The Braided Bandit wishing you a happy beginning to the fall season! Instead of posting in a swapped item today, I thought it would be fun to change things up a bit and show you one of my favorite ways to transition from summer to fall: I absolutely love adding a classic army green cargo jacket or vest to an outfit to add a little warmth when the weather starts to change.  Here are a few of my favorite ways I've worn a cargo jacket in the past, along with some other (past and present) flock together gals!


Elana of Room 334 

Marlen of Messages on a Napkin
Jessi of Haircut and General Attitude

What do you guys think of cargo jackets?  I like how it adds a low key vibe to any look and the jackets are usually lighter weight, perfect for when the temperatures are wavering back and forth this time of year! What are some of your favorite transitional pieces for the changing season?
xo Hannah

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rainy Day Vintage...

 We actually got some rain in Austin... can you believe it? We've been in a drought for like about seven years now and have been in stage 2 water restrictions since forever! It was such a sweet relief to get a heavy down poor like we did... not only for our little garden but it cooled things off quite a bit. I always love how it smells after it rains... don't you? The Mister and I sat on our screened in porch and watched the lightening and listened to the booming thunder as we sipped on some red wine. It was really fun and quite relaxing. We haven't seen a storm like that since we lived in Ohio years ago. We used to always love to watch storms roll in. We even slept with the window open that night and enjoyed the cool breeze and listened to the frogs croak!

I'm obsessed with these new white rimmed sunnies I bought from Modcloth! I should have bought them at the beggining of Summer but oh well. It's better late than never and I'll be sporting them even in the Winter here in Austin where it's sunny 300 days of the year. Seriously... I read that somewhere.

Let's talk about this adorable vintage dress that I borrowed from the sweet Katie of 
Butterfly loves Snapdragons. Katie is the master of styling vintage clothing... she's got it down to a science. Seriously.... she can do no wrong! I was super stoked the second I saw this little dress and couldn't wait to get the chance to style it. I'm pretty much in love with everything sixties... if you couldn't tell. So white knee socks are my staple... duh, which just so happen to go with my white bobble earrings and new white sunnies! Weeeeeee!

I have a whole collection of cute little umbrella's which I never use. Ha! It's from living in Ohio all those years where it's always overcast and dreary. I'm retty sure my neighbors think I'm cray cray. I'm always in the front yard posing for pictures.... even in the rain.

It's nice to get a break from watering your garden. Since we are under stage 2 restrictions we are only allowed to "hand hold the hose". You can't just turn on a sprinkler and walk away.... you have to stand outside and bake in the hot sun. It's quite fun. Sometimes I have to go outside and spray the poor chickens because they too get overheated. They love to jump through the water and actually play around in it. The Mister and I watched our feathered friends (from the screened in porch) actually stand outside their coop (while the crazy storm was going on) enjoying the rain while getting a good cool off. I don't think they even know what rain is.... they have never fully experienced rain 
(on this scale) before.

I myself enjoy the rain but not too much... I live for the Sun. It's pretty much the main reason we moved to Austin. I couldn't handle those long, drawn out Ohio Winters anymore. I think my brain needs the vitamin D. I do love watching storms with The Mister and the pups though... and I love how it washes everything clean and smells so fresh afterwards.

How adorable Katie!!!

Check Katie out here too!


Dress: Borrowed from Katie
Knee Socks: Target
Cardigan: Target
Shoes: Macy's
Sunnies: Modcloth
Earrings: Claire's

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Once upon a time

rose print dress

Good morning!  I feel like it's been quite a while since I posted here!  It's Sammi from The Soubrette Brunette, and I'm pleased as punch to be styling Amy's gorgeous rose print dress today.  This dress made me feel as pretty as a princess, and the print paired so well with my little book clutch that it got me thinking about fairytales, and just how many of them involve roses!  Growing up, one of my favorites was the story of Snow-White and Rose-Red (not to be confused with the more popular character of Snow White).  And of course, roses are a big part of Beauty and the Beast.  Briar Rose is the basis for the story of Sleeping Beauty, and though not technically a fairytale, the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland demands that her roses be red.  This dress just seems perfectly suited for a storybook life!

modcloth rose print dress
book clutch
flower bracelet
floral dress
Outfit Details
Dress: swap from Amy
Book clutch: ASOS
Flower bracelet: River Island
Heels: ModCloth

I adore how Amy and I styled this same dress so differently.  While I opted for a fancier evening look, Amy dressed down the dress with the addition of a jean jacket and hat.  I love when seemingly limited dresses turn out to be versatile!  You can see Amy's full post here.  How would you style this beautiful dress?

Have a great Wednesday!
xox Sammi
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