Sunday, December 7, 2014

Rad to the Bone

It feels good to be back!  It's been awhile since I've posted on Flock Together and I just couldn't wait to share this swap with Jessica.  The combination of my love for novelty prints and past career in the medical field is probably what attracted me to this dress in the first place.  It's been on my Modcloth wishlist forever so I jumped at the chance to style this dress.  I always feel really inspired by Jessica when I wear her clothes and this interpretation is no different.  She nails that girly grunge look and I love it!

Modcloth Folter Rad to the Bone dress 007

Modcloth Folter Rad to the Bone dress 008

Modcloth Folter Rad to the Bone dress 011

Modcloth Folter Rad to the Bone dress 005

Dress- Borrowed from Jessica (Modcloth)
Jacket- Forever 21
Tights- H&M
Shoes- Forever 21
Sunglasses- House of Harlow 1960


To get the details on Jessica's look, click the picture above!

I feel like this outfit is one of Jessica's best looks.  I like the how the length is longer on her and (of course) her hair is amazing.  While I tried to emulate her signature look, nobody can pull it off like her! I can't wait to see how some of the other ladies style this dress through the cooler weather.



Friday, November 28, 2014


Hey Readers, We're taking a holiday hiatus! We'll be back in the New Year with some new members, new swaps, and a new approach to this blog. Keep your eyes peeled for a new member sign-up or shoot us an email if you're interested. We look forward to another year with y'all!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Black Cat

Hello, hello and Happiest Halloween!

Marisa here, popping in on the blog today to bring you a another remix of Elana's black cat dress - because, you know cats and Halloween kind of go hand in hand, right?  

Anyhow, this kitty-faced frock has certainly made it's way around the group - isn't it true that us bloggers just love anything that has a cat on it?  You bet we do!  So here I am today (with my little man in hand) remixing this piece with one of my bright floral dresses underneath.  I'm a sucker for mixing prints and layering these kinds of dresses, so I kind of just went for it.  Nuff said.  As for Halloween, my wee fam went trick-or-treating last night.  Lots of candy, lots of fun - one big sugar high.  Yep, I'm about to crash -so I'll leave you with just that.

Clockwise: Elana / Jessica / Ashley / Me-1st Remix / Amy

Have one spooktastic day darlings!
Love Bunches, 
Outfit Details:
Dress: Via Elana // Blouse(dress): UO // Hat: UO // Shoes-thrifted

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Under the Umbrella Tree...

Hey all! Jana, from Small Town, Big Smile! here today styling up this adorable dress from Elana.  I thought it was the perfectly appropriate autumn dress, seeing as we get quite a bit of rain here! I couldn't wait to pair it with a floppy hat and my hunter wellies!

When this dress came in, I was so pleasantly surprised! I hadn't noticed the v-neck front, so how I intended to style it didn't pan out (with a lace blouse under it)... My next option was to wear a red and white striped peter pan collared shirt over top, and just have the dress-as-a-skirt, but Marisa had a similar style (see below). However, sometimes it's fun to be simple and just accent the dress with a cardigan and tights or socks. So that's what I opted for.

I'm not sure if any of you remember where my post-title came from, but it was all I could think of when I was trying to think of a title with "umbrella"... I swear my brain was blocked from any other possibilities. Does that happen to anyone else??

Dress: Borrowed from Elana
Cardigan: local shop
Socks: Ruche
Belt: From another dress

1 / 2 



Monday, October 27, 2014

Blue Collar Crime

Hi there kittens! It's been awhile since I've posted... I've been crazy busy in my little corner of the world working on crocheting for three upcoming Holiday shows. Whew! However, I did finally get a chance to take some pictures with the Mister this past weekend. I had three outfits just sitting around waiting to be styled. I have to say I was particularly thrilled about this one I borrowed from Elana of Room 334.   I just love the shape of these types of dresses..... they always seem highlight my assets and disguise my flaws oh so perfectly. Oh and the collar was an added bonus!

It's still way too hot to wear this fabulous faux leather jacket but I thought it was a nice added touch. 
It's in the high 80's but it definitely seems much cooler than before even though "technically" it's still hot. It makes for a more pleasant photo session than when it's scorching and you're trying so hard not to break a sweat. I can't wait till I can actually bust out this jacket and really wear it around... I'm counting down the days.

If you all haven't noticed yet I got a new hair do. I went to a Salon (which I haven't done in years) and got my hair professionally done. I've always liked the way Ombre' hair looked on other people so I thought "what the hell". I also love the fact that I can now add "fun colors" to the ends if I ever want to... I'm pretty happy about the way it looks and the good news is there's not any up keep I need to do.  I just wanted an "edgier" look and I went out and got it. Yay for me!

Dress: Borrowed from Elana.
Jacket: Target
Sunnies: Target
Shoes: Target

The adorable Elana of Room 334

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Group Roundup: Halloween Fashion & Costumes

My favourite Hallowe'en costume was Snow White. I dressed up as her several years ago with a store bought costume, which I think is a bit too risque for here (and honestly, it's quite short and out of my current comfort zone). I love the idea of being able to pull together a costume from your actual closet, so this was my attempt at Snow White! Luckily, I still had my black wig handy!

Lisa of Lala Faux Bois

I went to a Halloween party last night but haven't had a chance to go through pictures, so here's a flashback to last year when I was Mary Poppins. It was a pretty easy costume to put together- the clothes were thrifted and I made the bow tie out of red felt. Out of desperation, I bought the hat at a costume shop and glued on plastic daisies. I had to buy a new umbrella, but it's come in handy since :) 

Halloween 2014 015
Ashley of Southern (California) Belle
I don't usually dress up for Halloween, but a friend of mine had a birthday/costume party last night so I gave in.  I didn't want to spend any money on my costume so I dusted off my Minnie Mouse ears from Disneyland and went with it!  I used a plain black crop top with my Hell Bunny skirt and a full crinoline underneath.  I love that it's not far off from my everyday outfit ensemble (except for the makeup, of course!).
Erica of Sweets and Hearts
Halloween is the best. I mean, costumes and candy? What could be better? I usually make my costume or build one around something already in my closet. The Cat in the Hat is one of my favorites that I've put together. A couple of years ago, I needed something to wear to my work event. I had scored this awesome Modcloth tuxedo sweater dress in a swap and inspiration struck when I realized how cartoony it was. I DIYed a small version of the hat (glued to a headband with a cat ear) based on tutorials I found online. Then I made a giant bow pin for the sweater. Adding my 2D inspired Jump from Paper bag was a no-brainer, so I brought that along too. It was a delightful (and comfortable!) costume that was inexpensive and easy.
Elana of Room 334

I've never been one to get really into Halloween. I'm usually the person who spends $5 on a nametag that says "Hi, my name is 'Life'" and a bag of lemons to be "when life gives you lemons" (like I did last year), but I decided to have a little more fun with it this year for a costume party and for work. Back to the Future is one of my all-time favorite movies, so when I realized how easy it would be to be Marty McFly, I couldn't resist. I only had to buy a white plaid button down from Goodwill and a red puffy vest from JC Penney, and I enlisted the help of my best friend to be Doc Brown. After all, why dress in a slutty costume when you can be dudes from an '80s movie? I don't know, Doc, this is heavy.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Southwestern Fall Style

Outfit Details:
Dress: Borrowed from Elana
Beaded necklace & Bracelet: Mitla Moda
Combat Boots: Secondhand
Woven Textile Bag: Mitla Moda
Turban: Indego Africa (on sale, sold out now)

Hi everybody; Dus of Cuddly Cacti here again! Yesterday we had a high of 83 degrees over in Austin, and so dressing for fall basically means dressing for summer but not dripping in sweat, which is something I'm perfectly ok with, especially since the evenings have been gorgeous and I sat in front of an open window with a light sweater as I got this post up and ready for you guys. I feel like I usually wouldn't pair a green necklace with white, but I liked the look and it was easy to match the bracelet and top it all off with the gorgeous autumnal-hued bag and my go-to shoes right now - these combat boots.

You can see how the always adorable Elana wore it here, a post that just happens to be perfectly fitting for this time of year! I hope you've been able to enjoy some of these wonderful fall activities lately as well!


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