Sunday, July 28, 2013

Style Challenge: Hair Accessories

I was excited when I heard that we were doing a style challenge on hair accessories. Adding something upon your crown is a great finisher to any outfit, especially for the vintage lovers among us. I particularly love to sport hats atop my head, hats of any kind! They are so fun and there are endless options to choose from. I also enjoy wearing vintage clips in my hair. I can use them to adorn a pretty updo, or just clip onto a beret or other topper for a lovely pop of color. 


Hats and hair-scarves are two of my go-to accessories to make any outfit pop a little more. They are game-changers, as far as I'm concerned, sending out messages about how you want to be that day. These scarves communicate a bohemian air for summer. A floppy one (like pictured above) might make me feel like Annie Hall,  while a vintage number  exudes ladylike grace. In fact, I love using hats so much, I even have shown off remixes of several favorite chapeus on my own blog! 

 photo flor_zps065dfd21.jpg
 photo 9864c56a-fb56-4af7-8c51-ad14257deffe_zps22123d45.jpg photo a066a234-4e0d-42a0-a3a7-f3f56f154437_zpsa5d95b9b.jpg 
  Jenna of Smitten
I must admit, I look absolutely ridiculous in hats. It may have something to do with the fact that I have a large head and they never seem to fit properly, but I rarely wear them. I own one but only wear it when I'm by the pool to shade my head. However, this summer I have taken to wearing floral head crowns like crazy, with a cute dress? Absolutely. While in my PJ's typing out a blog post? Of course!! Something about a flower head crown just makes life more fantastic and makes me feel awesome. 

 I couldn't have been anymore excited about this post simply because hair accessories are the icing on the cake to me.  It's true: I never leave the house without some kind of hat, scarf, floral crown, or bow on my head.  I'm a sucker for vintage hats and scarves and hoarding flowers of all kinds to craft crowns with.  I blame this obsession fully on my loverly mother who made hair accessories for a local children's boutique when I was a young gal.  Because of this, my sister and I never left the house without something on our wee little heads.  So I guess you could say the hair accessory habit has stuck to this day.  

While I'm not one to always have a lovely hair accessory adorning my head, I do enjoy one from time to time! I love adding bows to the quick top bun I sport all-too-often and this summer I've really enjoyed my vintage sunhat and handmade floral crown! Like Jenna, I found an obsession in wearing flowers on my head and I already have plans to make a second, more delicate one! I almost never wear headbands, and I've yet to figure out the headscarf thing, but I do love this striped one ModCloth sent me.

I have always loved hats and other hair accessories, but flower crowns are by far my favorite way to adorn my head.  Ever since I learned an easy way to make my own about a year ago, my collection has gotten a little out of control! I love how they had a bright pop of color to any outfit, and I totally agree with Jenna, they just make life more fantastic!  Ever had a bad day wearing a pile of flowers on your head? It's pretty much impossible!

Dus of Cuddly Cacti
I must admit that headscarves are one of those items that I love more in theory than real life, although it's on my mental style list to start incorporating more, especially on those unwashed hair days! Hats however, those are my go-tos to "top off" any outfit with a bit of class, fun, or just something extra. I have a pretty large hat collection that I've thrifted over the years, but my straw hat's really been glued to my head this summer, and I've been trying to wear headbands more, including my beautiful crochet one from the Manzanita Etsy shop, and I even remixed this woven belt from my shop as a headband too.

What are some of your favorite hair accessories this summer? We'd love to hear in the comments!    


  1. Those hats, flower crowns and bows are so pretty, I love all of these ideas. All girls are too cute! Thank You for sharing such a nice post!
    Have a happy time!


  2. Sometimes I feel like we ALL feel like hats don't really fit us, but after a while we get used to them and realize that they actually do look cute... I'm sure if I started wearing them they'd become second nature to me, but it's so difficult to be brave enough and try on that first hat! ;)

    I do love Jessi's hairbows, though. JESSI YOU ARE ALWAYS SO CUTE WITH THEM. I've gotta make myself some hairbows.

    And Katie, your hats never cease to impress.

    I adore those flower crowns, too... I have one but bought some more flowers the other week to make more. ;)

  3. What a fun remix!! I love Katie’s vintage hair pieces, so unique and perfect w/ her style! Floral crowns are always a must, I’m swooning over Jenna’s and Hannah’s. Kristian and Jessi def have mastered wearing all sorts of different hair pieces! And Marisa, you must do a post some time of little you dolled up in your mother’s hair piece creations. What a fun style challenge : )
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  4. What a great style challenge!! I love how everyone rocks hats and headscarves, and all the gorgeous floral headcrowns, I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed with them!!

  5. You gals look all adorable! Thanks for the inspiration - loving all the fun pieces and hair crowns!


  6. Have always admired Hannah in a floral corwn, but only now, seeing them all here in all there glory, that I realize how many she has to rock with all her outfits! Fun!

    This was a neat remix to see all the girls' takes on.

  7. I am a little on the boring side and just rock the bobbie pins and headbands! lol

  8. So much great inspiration here! I have roughly a million scarves lying around my room and really need to incorporate them more into my daily outfits. x

  9. ahh, hair accessories <3..I've been super into floppy hats and flower crowns this summer :)

  10. I love all of these and how everyone did a little montage! Katie + Kristian, love the vintage hats/ fasteners (sp?)!
    xo Hannah


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