Thursday, July 25, 2013

That is your grandma's dress

I'm sure I'm not the only one that can't help but think of the thrift store song when I hear something is from a grandparent, and hence the title. But seriously, how awesome is it that this dress is from Katie's grandmother? I'm always in awe of all of the beautiful pieces she has from family members, taking all of her vintage attire from not just stylish to amazingly memory-filled. I felt so very honored that Katie lent me this special dress, thanks girl!

2 (2)
How Jonny made me stand for that close up shot, which he insisted would look better with one of my arms NOT in the picture.
2 (1)
1 (3)
1 (2)
And totally style related, the super cute stray cat that keeps following us around and trying to get into our house.
Outfit details:
Dress- borrowed from Katie
Sandals- Zara winter sales (Mexico, 2011)
Headband- Manzanita, Etsy
Woven belt- My shop here.

Naturally I not only twisted my hubs' arm into taking these shots for me (which I do for every post), I just had to have him to get some good close ups of the beautiful print on the dress as well. As for the styling, I wanted to keep it simple and bring out the beautiful colors on the corduroy. So, I opted for a simple summer styling with just: this woven belt, leather/wooden sandals, and a dainty crochet headband, making corduroy in Phoenix's summer slightly more practical. Do you have any items you just can't part with when the high temps hit? I'd love to hear and see links if you have and! And I'd love if you stopped over and said hi on my blog.

And here's how the gorgeous Katie styled it:

Katie's Looks: Some of my favoritesI fear the wind

Thanks again Katie for letting me borrow such a beautiful and special piece!



  1. This dress is gorgeous! I love pieces that have a good background :) Clothing handed down through generations in the family is always special. Love those clogs and your headband! Such a simple chic summer look.

  2. What a beautiful dress. The print is just gorgeous and I love how all of you styled it.

    And the stray cat's face? Priceless.

  3. What a great dress! That pattern is just beautiful! It looks lovely on both of you!


  4. This dress is gorgeous, how special that it was Katie's grandmothers! I love that flower crown with it and that stray kitty is quite adorable! :)

  5. Such a lovely dress! You look great girl! :)

  6. This dress is gorgeous on both of you! I love your mint flower crown!!

    Xo, Hannah


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