Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lakeside dreams of days past

Hi everyone, Dus of Cuddly Cacti here! I absolutely swooned over this dress when I saw it in this post of Hannah’s, so naturally I was thrilled when she offered it up for swaps. What’s even cooler is that she purchased it from Marisa’s Etsy shop, Ally Hoot Vintage. Even though it’s a pretty peach color, something about the fit and collar gives it a bit of a nautical, summer feel to me. My hubs and I took a quick camping trip up in Northern Arizona, so I couldn't help bringing it along to photograph by the lake. And no, my actual hiking attire resembled nothing like this; it was quite dorky actually.








All but the last picture I edited using Triple Thread's free Photoshop curve presets. I knew I wanted a retro, summertime feel to these pictures, but something just wasn't quite right with them (probably the strong sun). I just found Ashlyn's blog and her Photoshop post the day I was getting this post ready, so I decided to give them a twirl. And since the last picture was one of the few I was happy with, I decided to leave it as-is so you could see the real colors. I’ll be sharing more of the "real" scenery on my blog this and next week if you'd like to follow along!

Outfit details
Dress: Swap from Hannah
Huaraches: Adrian’s Shop my Closet
Woven bracelet: In my shop here
Hat/Shades: Thrifted; Ross

And here’s how the lovely Hannah wore her vintage dress (in this post):

Thanks again Hannah. I hope everyone is having a great last bit of summer wherever you are! And don't forget you can keep up to date with us via Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram. We're getting the hang of this social media as a group thing, so we'd love to connect with you there!



  1. You both wore it nicely. Love these shots!

  2. Love the colour of this dress, it looks perfect with your hat Dus!!

  3. I totally agree with Marisa's comment on instagram, this DEFINITELY has a retro summery moonrise kingdom feel and love it! The hat was the perfect accessory and I just love the pretty lakeside scenery! We camped this past weekend too! :)

  4. such a cute dress swap! That setting is AMAZING!


  5. What a cute dress, I love the collar!
    And the retro setting is fantastic for your photos, very "Moonrise Kingdom!"

  6. Lovely and summery! I enjoy the scenery in these pictures and I definitely like the retro feel!

  7. These photos are incredible Dus! So beautiful with the lake as a backdrop. I really love this dress and I'm so excited I just got it in the mail! Love that you paired it with a sunhat and Hannah looks so cute with the retro sunnies.


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