Monday, August 26, 2013


This month, we're kickin' off a brand new series of "Reader Spotlights". We will be interviewing and highlighting ladies that inspire us (all of us!) and ladies who understand the art of remixing, vintage, and blogging. We're thrilled for our first one to be Lala Faux Bois. We love her and her style and hope you do too!

Tell us about yourself & where you live.
My name is Lisa of Lala Faux Bois and I'm a graphic designer, cat lover, and vintage obsessed girl, with a severe case of wanderlust. I live in the Phoenix area of AZ, and fled to the desert after growing up in the rain soaked woods of Oregon. I love thrifting and the thrill of the hunt, and try to buy the majority of my clothes 2nd hand. That helps keep my clothing addiction on a budget too.

What's your most worn and remixed piece in your wardrobe?
My most worn piece of clothing is definitely my chartreuse cardigan, as I've decided that color is a neutral and I want to wear it with everything.


How does your style change through the seasons? What's your favorite season to dress for?
Since where I live never gets really cold, I wear a lot of my summer dresses and skirts year round. The cooler temps give me freedom to play with more layers, and of course it's always fun to be able to add more color with tights. I feel more challenged in the summer to personalize my outfits without the ability to add layers, and although that is sometimes fun, winter here is definitely my favorite season to dress for.

Tell us about the outfits you've remixed and what inspired you.
I love to remix dresses because besides wearing it as a dress, you can style them as a skirt or top. Since summer is so hot here, it's good to find new ways to style dresses to avoid getting bored with your summer wardrobe.

This leaf print dress was an Etsy vintage find. In one look I paired it with a cardigan and platform sandals and wore it to work. In the other, it's layered with a vintage top and flats for a more casual look.

The other two outfits are remixes of a polka dot denim dress I recently got at Target for $6. In one version I wore it as a top with a vintage cacti skirt. In the other, I layered a tank over it and added some vintage shoes and accessories.

Why compelled you to start blogging?
After obsessively lurking on craft and style blogs, I decided I wanted one of my own! It's been such a great way to meet people with similar interests and challenge my personal style a little more by posting outfits. My blog started all over the place with my different interests, but over time I started to focus mostly on personal style, thrift finds, and the occasional post about something I did or a vacation. It's still a learning process and I'm sure it will always be evolving.


What's your favorite band or song right now?
Such a hard question! My favorite band will always be The Smiths but put on any new wave or electronic music and I will be happy :)

Thanks so much to Lisa for letting us interview her! Be sure to visit her blog and we'll be back next month with another blogger that inspires us to keep swapping and remixing!


  1. Definitely loved reading through this. You have a very cute personality!

  2. Great interview, love this feature, I cannot wait to see more reader remixes!! That leaf print dress is quite lovely :)

  3. What a great feature! I love anything that introduces us to new & inspiring bloggers :)
    Looking forward to reading more!

  4. Oh my goodness she is SO cute! Definitely going to check out her blog! Love that you're featuring the bloggers who inspire you the most!

    Xo, Hannah

  5. so fun to hear about Lisa & glad we featured her! I love that fall leaves dress & of course the amazing cacti skirt. but don't be fooled everyone, it tot. gets cold here in Phx in winter, don't listen to those non-natives : ).
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  6. She is the best at really getting use out of a piece! I love all the different ways she styles her dresses! All these looks are darling, and I remember those pretty blue chairs! Also, love the Smiths!

  7. What a wonderful interview! I love the new feature idea!
    I first stumbled on Lisa's blog because we both take part in the "What to Wear" link up, and I've loved it ever since! She has such great style and is so wonderful at remixing things!


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