Monday, October 7, 2013

Lakeside Fall

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This vintage dress of Hannah's was just too darling for me to pass up only styling once, especially since I went nearly sans accessories on my first styling (which you can see below). I knew I wanted to pair it with a hand woven belt from my shop, and after trying on a few different colors that matched the dress a bit more, I gave contrast a try. Next came the hat, and I ended up with a look I was expecting, but in colors I certainly wasn't, which in the end I suppose creates a completely different look. Anyway, it was fun to make such a different styling to such a beautiful, versatile dress!

Outfit details:
Dress: Vintage from Hannah
Hat & Boots: Vintage, thrifted
Necklace: Vintage, gift
Belt: In my shop here

Dus Jessi  | Hannah 

Hope all of your falls are off to a wonderful start! Over here in Phoenix we are just thrilled for it to be out of the 100's and into the 80's!



  1. Cute Dus! I love that you styled it for both Summer and Fall! It looks great with that bright cobalt blue. And I'm kind of jealous of your 80's been more like 50 here lately! Althought today should reach 70 :)

  2. I love the unexpected color combination and I think its great that you always try to remix borrowed pieces more than once! It really does make sending things way more worth it!

  3. ooo i love the peach + cobalt together, dus! and that hat! i'm such a sucker for a great hat ^_^

  4. This dress is so versatile I can see why you would want to style it twice. Love the contrast with the belt!


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