Friday, October 18, 2013

Sammi of The Soubrette Brunette

Hi there!  I’m Sammi from The Soubrette Brunette, and I’m thrilled to be a new member of Flock Together!  I’m an almost-25-year-old (10 more days!) singer, actress and compulsive shopper from Upstate New York.  I love anything girly and retro, and I can’t say no to a good novelty print!  When not on stage or working at my box office job, I love curling up with my calico cat, Pumpkin, and making good use of my Netflix subscription.  My two "weirdest" facts (which I tend to use in ice breaker situations) are that I always get the hiccups when I eat bread products too quickly, and that I can raise each eyebrow independently.  :)
I first started blogging because I had SO many dresses in my closet that weren’t being put to good enough use!  At the time, I was in a bit of a dry spell between shows, and I wanted to pursue something new that would keep the creative juices flowing, but not something directly related to my chosen field.

I’ve always loved costumes and playing dress up.  My mom made her living as a singer in a number of dramatic rock bands in the ’70s and ’80s, and I thought it was perfectly normal -- expected, even -- to have a fully-stocked costume closet in one’s home!  It seems like nearly all of my standout childhood memories involved costumes or dressing up in some capacity.  So it’s only natural that I would gravitate toward creative outlets that would allow me to get gussied up on a regular basis.
I’d say that my sense of style might be considered a little over-the-top in some aspects.  I love to inject a healthy dose of whimsy, humor and kitsch into what I wear. I feel like I have a distinct point of view, and if my outfits are a little too twee for some people, so be it.  I think my style has a sense of humor and nostalgia to it, and if I feel good in it and it makes me smile, then that’s all that really matters!  I love reading blogs that have fun with fashion.  I think that’s the most important thing to remember about it -- that it should be fun!
It's so hard to pick my absolute favorite piece in my wardrobe (it’s like Sophie’s Choice!), but I think my absolute favorite item is this vintage pastel plaid dress (below) that I bought from Crush Vintage Candy.  It’s quite literally the perfect pastel plaid dress, and the detailing on the collar is the sweetest!  It’s not a super-versatile piece, but it’s the springiest, most cheerful dress, and it never fails to put a smile on my face.  I’m eager to try remixing it for cooler temperatures!
In all honesty, I’m still a bit of a novice when it comes to remixing, but I am always challenging myself to do more!  I am so inspired by the Flock Together ladies, who manage to come up with such wonderful, fresh ways to wear pieces.  I think one of the biggest reasons to remix is to get longevity out of one’s wardrobe ( bank account just breathed a huge sigh of relief).  Although there’s nothing like buying a new dress, I think there is something just as magical about discovering a new way to wear something you already own.  I have a lot of statement pieces in my closet, so when I figure out new ways to wear these types of things, it’s even more gratifying to know that I’ll get good use out of them!
Thanks so much for checking out my intro post, and I'd love it if you'd swing by my blog, The Soubrette Brunette!  :)  I’m so happy about being involved in Flock Together, and I can’t wait to get started!   


  1. Sammi you are way too cute! I loved reading this - and I'm seriously OBSESSED with your closet!! Can't wait to start borrowing some of these amazing dresses! Oh, and you're gorgeous. That's all :)


  3. great!!!
    would you like to follow each other?
    just let me know


  4. Raising each eye-brow independently – now that is a serious skill! That is SO awesome your mom was a singer in various rock bands, and that you grew up in a house full of costumes! What a fun childhood it sounds like you had and I enjoyed learning that about you. Love how you say some people might not get your style but that you just want to have fun w/ it – a really great outlook. Glad to have you in the group Sammi! Oh and even if you say you’re a remixing novice, I LOVE the last two remixes you showed, and of course seeing the great assortment of your pretty dresses.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  5. So excited to have you as part of the group, you seriously have the best collection of dressing and fun prints out there. They match your fun personality quite perfectly ;)

  6. Holy moly Sammi - what a collection of dresses you have! Can we deem you queen of the novelty print? :-) I am head over heels for every single one you have.

  7. Love your dresses! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for posts from you :)

  8. I love your style and you have the BEST dress collection! You have the coolest career and sounds like your mom did too. Can't wait to borrow your clothes :)


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