Friday, October 25, 2013

Woodland Creatures

Hello!  Hannah from The Braided Bandit here.  I think it goes without saying that all of us Flock Together gals are excited about our new members.  Not to sound like a broken record, but Sammi of The Soubrette Brunette has an especially amazing collection of printed dresses that I was ecstatic to be able to borrow! Earlier this week I styled her comic print dress on my personal blog, and today I'd like to show you guys how I styled her amazing woodland creatures print dress.  A minty dress covered in adorable fuzzy animals? I'm not sure a print can get much better than this!

Outfit Details: Dress- borrowed from Sammi // Shoes - Mojo Moxie via DSW // Tights- Marshalls 

Anyway, these were snapped on a super sunny morning before heading to work.  Sometimes its actually really difficult to get decent pictures here in Colorado with the ever-blazing sunshine as the photos always come out so harsh and contrasty! While I love the sunshine, sometimes a few more overcast days thrown into the mix would make my blogging life a little bit easier ;) It was hard to find enough photos to use for this post where I wasn't making a complete bitchface from squinting into the sun!

Sammi styled her dress in such a pretty and demure way, complete with a porcupine necklace!!!  I have a feeling that all of the girls who borrow this dress are going to have a very hard time giving it up! Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!
xo Hannah


  1. Love how you styled this, Hannah! The shoes are perfect with it!! I'm excited to see how the other gals style it as well. And you are so sweet <3

    xox Sammi

  2. Love this outfit, Hannah! So soft and pretty :)

    <3 Megan

  3. Nice mint look, mint animal dress (CUUUTE!) and mint shoes!
    You look lovely c: Xx

  4. You look so lovely & you are so beautiful.
    I'm totally in love with your amazing dress & flats <3
    You are stunning girl <3

  5. Ah, cannot wait to borrow this dress! It looks beautiful on you, Hannah and I love the grey tights and turquoise shoes paired with it :-)

  6. So cute! I love the matching shoes :)

  7. She does have the best collection of prints! I feel ya on the sunny days, girl- it makes it SO hard with me and the tripod since I don't really know my way around a camera! Love how you styled it with the incredible matching shoes!

  8. seriously such a darling dress! love the fun blues, and cute print and the fab strappy shoes!

  9. This dress is seriously amazing!! I need to borrow it! I love your perfectly matching, darling shoes! And I totally do the bitchface thing because of the sun haha Ethan always lets me know too

  10. That's an amazing dress.. I love that color!!


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