Monday, November 4, 2013

Blue Monday


Hello and happy Monday from Midwest Muse! It's so hard to a) not wear everything a million times and b) give items back. This dress was one of those dresses. You know the kind that I wanted to keep forever. It's vibrant and fits like a dream. I decided to up play the blue because it's Monday and I still love the band Orgy. (Never mind whomever did the original.) Blue isn't my preferred color. I tend to gravitate towards grey's and black's, but I welcomed the change of colored pace.

I also styled it another way on my blog and I really had to limit myself to two. Because otherwise, you'd get six months of this dress and that's not very stylish.

IMG_3248 IMG_3245 IMG_3237
Outfit details: Dress: Dorothy Perkins (borrowed from Lisa ** shoes: swapped ** scarf: sister's ** hat: handmade ** glasses: cheap monday


  1. Both of your looks are fun Jessica

  2. Love both the way you styled this gorgeous piece!! It looks so great with the minty cardigan, and love the way that vest toughens the other look up :)

  3. Love these colors! Alex

  4. I love both of your looks and those blue shoes are pretty amazing with it! Although I liked the Orgy remake, New Order is one of my fave bands :) Glad you liked the dress- you've given me new ideas for styling it!

  5. Happy Monday to you too. I completely understand what you said about "those dresses." The blue dress looks fantastic on you. Nice heels too - great color.
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  6. Wow!! You look stunning in that dress--I could imagine not wanting to give it back!

  7. It's been a while since you posted on here I feel like! I still LOVE that bicycle cardi and this dress is just too perfect both ways you styled it!


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