Sunday, December 22, 2013

Style Challenge: NYE

Who doesn't love the glitz and glamour of ringing in the New Years? Here are some of our favorite looks to wear for such an occasion. Stay safe, have fun, and from all of us here on Flock Together, have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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Jenna of Smitten

As much as I may not be that into New Years Eve and having crazy exciting plans, I am a big fan of dressing up. At this very moment my new years plans are up in the air, but when thinking about what to wear I know for New Years I want A) something with a bit of glitter and B) something comfortable. This tank has the perfect amount of glitter to it, and I adore the comfort of my maxi skirts while still looking dressed up. Chances are in the great white north it's going to be super cold so my faux fur stole is definitely necessary to provide warmth and a bit of glamour ;)

new years
Ashley of Southern (California) Belle

I'm usually one to get dressed up for New Year's Eve but this year I'll be home waiting for my baby to arrive!  This was my outfit for NYE last year.  I feel like (much like Jenna) sparkle is a definite must for your outfit.  I just paired my most shimmery top with a black skirt and some textured tights.  I also had to add my favorite red wedges for a hint of color.  It was perfect for a dinner out at a swanky speakeasy.  This year I'll be enjoying some sparkling grape juice at the comfort of my home or the hospital :)

Lisa from Lala Faux Bois

New Years is one of my favorite holidays! Every year we go on a trip somewhere with friends, sometimes just a weekend road trip away or sometimes out of state. My favorite way to kick off a new year is on vacation. I love dressing up but I also try to wear comfortable shoes for any possible dance opportunities :) I've actually worn these shoes a couple of times for New Year's eve because they are flat but patent leather and shiny. This year we are heading to Austin to meet up with friends we haven't seen in awhile and I couldn't be more excited!

Just like the other gals, I'm quite the fan of dressing up to ring in the New Year.  I'm pretty sure this year will be spent inside, away from the cold at a party with some of our closest friends, but nonetheless breaking out this full-skirted dress along with my fanciest fascinator and velvety green shoes is definitely in order.  Now bring on the bubbly!

Dus of Cuddly Cacti

This New Year's outfit is more of a hypothetical one for me this year, and is the newest edition to Prickly Pear Vintage. Since we'll be moving to a new state the day after Christmas and likely will not have found a place yet by New Year's Even, I am already preparing to ring in the new year in my PJ's. However, I am loving this Great Gatsby-ish dress as an "in theory" New Year's cocktail party.

There's not much call for an evening dress is Cowboy Country, but I dream of living in a nineteen thirties movie-  one filled with escapism like bias-cut gowns and night clubs. One time wearing such finery is not out of place is the holidays while dancing. I wore this red number for a Christmas Ball last year. Sadly, we missed out on going to any such this year, so I'm determined to bring in the new year while on the dance floor!

I have no idea what I'm doing for New Year's Eve this year!  Like many of the other Flock Together girls, getting all dressed up is high on my list of priorities, and since I already have quite a few NYE-worthy pieces in my closet, I thought I'd compile a few options for what I might wear this year.  I usually opt for a mix of neutrals for this holiday, and then add some sparkle, feathers and faux fur for good measure.  I think I'm leaning towards wearing the gold one, which is an immediate repeat of last year's choice, but since this dress seems to come out only once a year, I guess I'm safe!  Whatever I end up doing -- even if it's just having a quiet dinner at home -- I am determined to look festive!

Erica of Sweets and Hearts
I don't have set plans for New Year's Eve either (I'm such a procrastinator/last minute planner, haha), but I do know that I want to wear this dress! When I think of the perfect NYE outfit, it usually involves sparkle. I don't have a lot of sparkly items in my closet (but I suppose I need some now), but this dress does have a few silver rhinestones on the bodice--just enough, really. I got it a couple of year's ago from Forever 21. It's made out of a frothy pink chiffon and is perfect for dancing in because it moves so nicely! My night will most likely involve a glass of champagne (or two) with a few of my favorite people. I hope you have a wonderful--and stylish--New Year's!

Jen of JennifHsieh

Last year I rang in the New Year all the way over in Istanbul since my boyfriend was teaching abroad in Turkey. Since I knew the weather was going to be freezing outside, I made sure to pack a pair of tights to get me through the night. During the new year I always tend to wear darker colors instead of bright and vibrant shades. Maybe it's because I tend to live in the past and I treat it as a funeral for the prior year? Who knows. This year, I'll be traveling once again with my boyfriend, but to the pacific northwest. Maybe this is the year I go all out and wear the brightest colors I can find?

I'm not sure what my plans are for NYE but they're sure to involve this skirt! Sequins and sparkle everything for me! And a little fur never hurt anyone either ;) Usually I stay in with family and toast the New Year with sparkling cider but this year I'm hoping to find a party to go to so I have an excuse to dress like a disco ball!!


  1. I loved seeing all this inspiration! I think Erica's might be my favorite, and I love Lisa's fun frock! It's great to see how everyone celebrates :)

    xox Sammi

  2. I love seeing all your different takes on New Years outfits! I'll be in my pjs, I think!


  3. All of the looks are fabulous, thank you the tips dear! :)

  4. ALL of the outfits pictured in this post are gorgeous! Your group of fashion bloggers has exquisite taste. I hope you all have wonderful holiday seasons as well.

  5. Dus that dress!!! Gorgeous looks from everyone :)

  6. You should wear that skirt, it's insane!!! My favourite outfits are by Erica and Ashley, thanks for sharing this great inspiration!


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