Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sherwood Days

GreenDress-07 copy
What I Wore: Green Dress (via Hannah of Braided Bandit, Boots, Leggings, Belt (Old), Cami (Forever 21), Coat (Etsy), Necklace and Scarf (Gift), Bracelet (Popbasic), Watch (Modcloth)

Growing up, my sister and I were enamored of the whole Robin Hood mythology. Disney's foxy version was frequently found in our VCR, and ,thanks to Playmobils (please tell me I'm not the only one who grew up playing with these delightful toys?), even our games often had a Sherwood setting. My sister got a Robin Hood hat for the dress up box and in middle school I reread Howard Pyle's classic retelling (the word "stout" is used a lot. It means you are hardy but also that you are good hearted in this case. Little John is a stout fellow!) and Robin McKinley's much more recent take well, let us just say multiple times. 

This dress instantly makes me think of all things Robin Hood; it is that perfect Sherwood Green. And luckily enough, Hannah of Braided Bandit was kind enough to let me (and so many of our ladies!) borrow it. Thanks Hannah; I enjoyed my Sherwood Days.


PicMonkey 1Collage


  1. So cute, love the green with brown accents and I TOTALLY can see the robin hood vibe now! :)
    xo Hannah

  2. i am loving seeing all the diff looks here & am extra excited to style it up soon : ). love it w/ that brown scarf & booties Kristian!

  3. That dress is so adorable and versatile! You all have styled it so well!


  4. Ohhh this is a great way to style this piece! I love how everyone has styled this, it's great to see so many ladies in it


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