Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Through Winter Days

olka Dot, Sweater, pearl necklace, slouchy outfit, wyoming, never fully dressed, withoutastyle,
polka Dot, Sweater, pearl necklace, slouchy outfit, wyoming, never fully dressed, withoutastyle,
Polka Dot, Sweater, pearl necklace, slouchy outfit, wyoming, never fully dressed, withoutastyle,
Polka dots are irresistible to bloggers, and the Flock Together Girls are clearly not immune. So it was exciting to get to try this cozy sweater from Elana of Room 334.

The day we were to take pictures it snowed again (Yes, yes-a post about weather!). Coming on March, I always hear these murmurs of people talking about spring, which is confusing as here we still have another two months of winter to go in Wyoming; March and April always snow the most. Still, I was longing for more variety as the weather has kept me in pants for too long. So leggings and a hat to keep the snow off got added to complete this slouchy look.

For more wintery weather outfits, hop on over to my blog, Never Fully Dressed (Without a Style)! But if you crave more polka dots (and who doesn't?) , why not check out Elana in this delightful mint ensemble?

Elana, polka dot, sweater, flock together, room 334, remix, swap, outfit,


  1. I thought I had need that sweater before! Cute :)


  2. Love your hat and the polka dots are fun : )


  3. it always snows a ton in march and april here too, luckily it's not as bitterly cold as February/January.
    LOVE these photos and this whole look, that skirt is so gorgeous and looks perfect with this sweater :D

  4. so weird that March & April are the snowiest months! We're just starting to get some Spring weather around here. It does make for a beautiful backdrop for that beautiful skirt! And of course the sweater is adorable, I remember commenting on that outfit of Elana's and even copying it myself once. You look great, Kristian!

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA

  5. I love these gorgeous pictures - how beautiful with the snow and your skirt! March next week and although it won't be hot in Glasgow the sun will come out and hopefully spring will show its face, I hope it does for you also!

    Have a great Wednesday,
    Lucy xxx
    Florals & Corals

  6. I love how you've created a slightly Annie Hall vibe even with some fancier pieces mixed into your outfit...such a cool contrast :-)

  7. So cute :) I love polka dots of course, but I also like the flowy white skirt in the snow!
    xo jac

  8. I LOVE the gray & cream color scheme--they're colors I haven't thought of pairing before and they look great on you! Your snowy backdrop is quite dreamy too.

  9. I love the wintery look- you look perfect with your scenery. I can't believe March and April are the snowiest- but at least it's not as cold. I love both of your skirts with this sweater!

  10. oh crazy! that was actually really interesting for me to hear, i had no idea really that it would still snow somewhere in april, yet alone be the snowiest months, wow! does it warm up a bit then at least? no wonder we met so many people from the midwest in mexico over spring break when we lived there. i love you big smile in that last pic too Kristian, you look gorgeous! and i enjoy your wintery styling of this spring skirt!

  11. this is such a cute outfit!

    rhea @ rheaetcetera.com


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