Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hold onto your hat

Hi there!  It's Sammi from The Soubrette Brunette -- long time, no post!  Since I don't have any swapped items from the other girls right now, I thought it would be fun to do a post that highlights one of my favorite accessories: the hat!  I was originally going to do this post just about my own collection, but then I realized that there are so many other great examples of Flock Together gals wearing their own amazing hats that I thought it'd be fun to highlight some of my favorite picks from all of us!  From Marisa's berets to Jessica's beanies -- and I couldn't forget about Katie's gorgeous vintage pieces! -- I love all the different ways we've found to incorporate the chapeau into our daily wardrobes.

I'm starting off this post with a few of my favorite finds from my own hat collection.  I tend to gravitate towards retro-inspired reproduction hats, like the lavender and red ones shown here, but I also have a few vintage pieces from various stores on Etsy (which is truly a wonderful source, if you're looking to expand your own collection!), like the light blue one on the far right.  I also love to wear my trusty boater hat in the warmer months -- it's the perfect compliment to so many of my dresses!  I actually used to be a little intimidated by wearing hats, but it just took me a while to figure out what types of hats look good on me.  I've found that the daintier, jauntier ones that I can pin to my hair work the best!
Marisa is always a style inspiration for me; she always comes up with such great, unexpected pairings, and she is rarely seen without some kind of adornment atop her head.  I think she wears berets especially well (like in the first photo), but I've loved so many of her other choices, too!  I decided to include one of my all-time favorite looks of hers: the last photo with the flower crown.  I couldn't leave out the hair garland trend, since it's a beautiful way to top off an outfit.
Lisa of lalafauxbois
Lisa manages to look adorably put-together and yet totally effortless.  I especially love her brown brimmed hat (on the far right) and her cat-eared black bowler!  She utilizes accessories so well, and I think these hats complete their respective outfits perfectly!
Erica is never one to shy away from a good hat -- and she has several of those!  I love when she adds a pop of color or a dash of class to an outfit with one of her toppers.  Erica recently got a fantastic hair cut, and I'm eager to see her sport her rolled-brim bowler hat with her new hair!
Speaking of new hair, yet another Cali lady just spruced up her locks!  Ashley's hair is a gorgeous shade of light pink these days, and I'd love to see how she would wear some adornments with her new hue!  I vote for a flower crown for the summer, for something extra ethereal.  :)
I adore Kristian's little red beret, and I admire any lady who can pull off so many different styles of chapeaus!  She doesn't wear hats too often on her blog, but I really dig these looks on her!
Dus of Cuddly Cacti
Dus's style perfectly encompasses her desert surroundings, and I always look forward to seeing her bohemian-influenced ensembles.  I'm especially captivated by the the first photo of her, in that black, wide-brimmed hat, but I love when she wears berets and straw hats, as well!
No stranger to hair accessories, Amy looks perfectly chic in her hair scarves and hats.  She also rocks a turban better than anyone I know!  She manages to seamlessly mix retro with modern, and I always look forward to seeing her head-to-toe ensembles (and the fact that she never skimps on what she wears on her head or on her feet!).
Hannah has such a great collection of hats (and I didn't even get to include her adorable winter hats -- which I can never personally make look fashionable, but she sure does!), and I love that she has such a wide variety!  My favorite is probably the one on the left, with its darling red ribbon, but the red bowler hat looks super adorable, too!  
Jessica of Midwest Muse
Jessica always astounds me with her ability to combine soft, feminine details with edgy, dark ones.  The addition of accessories is a great way to do this, and I always adore when she adds a slouchy beanie to make a dress look more casual.  Her pink beanie might be my favorite -- it makes for such a relaxed, girly look.
I had to save the best hat collection for last!  Katie's collection has a ton of vintage beauties, and she wears them all with flair and glamour.  She has far more hats than I could show here, but I often live vicariously through how well she wears her vast assortment.  I especially love the entire first ensemble, but it's such a treat to see her wear any of her pieces!

What about you?  Which one of these is your favorite?  Do you have a go-to hat that you use to top off an outfit?  Are you still searching for style of hat that's perfectly suited to you?  Let us know in the comments! 


  1. This post is SUCH a cute idea!!! Loved scrolling through everyone's hats and how everyones are so different!

  2. SUCH a cute post, Sammi and I'm impressed with all the time you must have put into it (also reminds me to wear hats more often :D )

  3. oh my! I love love love this post Sammi! Thanks so much for the kind words and I agree w/ Kristian, I can def see the time you put into making this post & really appreciate it! it was so fun to see everyone's diff headpieces and has inspired me to make a few diff looks now : )

  4. Love this post! Another vote for a flower crown for Ashley ;D

  5. Oh I love this post, Sammi! And jeez, I didn't realize how many hats we had as a group! Haha. These are just a fraction too!

  6. Oh I love this post, Sammi! And jeez, I didn't realize how many hats we had as a group! Haha. These are just a fraction too!

  7. What an awesome post Sammi! And like the others said- this must've taken so long, how cool of you to put this together! It's crazy to see how many different hats we have between all of us :)

  8. This is such a fun (and you!) idea!! You are the queen of adorable hats, so this post was such a great idea! And it brings to my attention the fact that I definitely need more cute hats in my life!


  9. Sammi, this post is absolutely incredible! You are the sweetest for saying such kind things about me. I think the feeling is reciprocated because I am obsessed with your dress collection!


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