Tuesday, April 22, 2014

READER REMIX: Priya of Perfectly Priya

hi there, I'm Priya, reporting to you live from perfectly Priya Priya I'm so excited to be with you on Flock Together today! I love following along with these lovely ladies to see their unique styles swap and interact. The Flock Together bloggers consistently inspire me to try something new!

with that, I present to you a remix: of my beloved "sweatskirt." when I considered pieces for this remix, I realized that my previous remixes typically centered around a basic item, like a jean jacket or brown boots. my sweatskirt is definitely more on the quirky, statement side. when I bought it, the reasoning behind it was "I can wear sweats anywhere now and no one will even notice." and with the recent upsurge of "dressy sweats", a sweatskirt is right on trend. I haven't been brave enough to try the full-on sweatpants to work look, but my sweatskirt is my secret attempt. bonus: I've now styled it in each of the four seasons. let's take a look, shall we?

 photo IMG_0120_zpsa1f435a2.jpg for fall: this was my first attempt after the initial new purchase excitement and subsequent styling woe freak-out. I was still in college, where wearing sweats to class is commonplace; but I loved that these sweats had a classy twist. I settled on the workhorse in your closet & mine, a chambray shirt. I love the combination of these fabrics together, and would definitely wear this again for a casual weekend look. also, hello bangs!  photo IMG_1581_zps44805b34.jpg for winter: I went with some funky layering here, which in retro, not digging the silhouette all that much. but when you're a California girl dealing with snow for the first few times in your life, multiple shirts are the only solution. I borrowed this lacy top from my roommate and was excited to wear it. looking back this may have turned out best with just the lacy top. anyway, fashion is constantly about trial & error!  photo IMG_2885_zps56d27f7b.jpg for summer: sweats are sporty as is, and the baseball cap + tennies combo set off the athletic aspect even more. the floral pattern of my shoes and the chunky necklace re-enforced some girly elements that kept it from being too Sporty Spice (though, for the record, she was my patron saint SpiceGirl.) I loved this outfit!  photo IMG_4609_zpsb6c41cb7.jpg for spring: for my final installment of my sweatskirt, I wanted to go as "glam sweats" as possible. after extensive research (via Pinterest) I realized I needed a girly blouse, heels, and a statement necklace. so I literally found the girliest blouse I have, balanced it with some kitten heels for work, and a chunky chain that wasn't too overwhelming for the busy print. love how this turned out.  photo sweatskirtremix_zps5313790e.jpg and there you have it, a sweatskirt for all seasons! since this skirt is as comfy as it is versatile, I'll keep on rockin' this party eight days a week.


  1. Super cute! I love the idea of a sweatskirt! It's so versitile... love it!

  2. I think my favorite of the ways you styled it was with the baseball cap! That purple color is beautiful on you


  3. These are great Priya! I think my favorite is today's outfit with your girly counterparts (other clothing items). I think I would have a hard time styling a sweatskirt but should I ever come across one, I know who I can ask!

  4. I love it in all seasons! I think the summer sporty/ preppy look has to be my favorite though :)

  5. What a versatile piece- I love how you've styled it casual and more dressed up! I think my fave is the first one with the denim shirt :) Also your hair is amazing.

  6. Love how you took a casual piece and dressed it up! Cute post! :)


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