Friday, April 25, 2014

Taylor of Nothing but a Pigeon

Hi there.... I'm Taylor of Nothing but a Pigeon. I'm totally stoked to be the newest member of Flock Together!! I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself and tell ya'll about my fun little life living in Austin, Texas. The Mister and I moved from Ohio with our pups a little over five years ago to Austin and never looked back. We live in an eco friendly home on the east side of town in a 
"green community" called Agave. We have a little urban farm in our backyard which includes our six chickens and a simple vegetable garden. It's pretty much our pride and joy... we spend most of our days out doors and in the backyard or hanging out on our patio which we call "our little oasis". 
My Husbear is a Project Manager at a well known Architecture Firm which specializes in green building. I just recently took the plunge and started my own little crochet company also called "Nothing but a Pigeon". I design and crochet faux taxidermy. I know.... it sounds strange but it's actually quite adorable. I sell in local boutiques around Austin, Houston and my home town of Columbus, Ohio. It's a fun job and I love that I get to work from home and be around our pups. 
We own two little fur children Sophie and Lucy. They are pretty much our babies and take them with us on all our adventures. I started blogging in 2010 as a way of journaling my thoughts and interests such as gardening, crocheting, fashion and everyday life. I also have a passion for fashion and love to play "dress up". For my first post as a member of Flock Together I decided to round up my personal favorite outfit posts and share them with all of you. I'm pretty much a "girly girl" and you'll often find me in a field of flowers or in the sand. I'm a sucker for adorable dresses and am currently obsessed with scarves and red lipstick. My style is forever evolving... as you will see from the images. I love finding new ways to create fun and whimsical outfits while wearing them on my adventures around Texas. Enjoy!

I am so honored to be a part of this wonderful blogging community and I look forward to sharing all my daily romps around town in some really fun and adorable clothing! Thanks for stopping by Flock Together.


  1. Love it! You look so sassy and I love the idea of your little garden and chicken farm! So sweet and economical even


  2. Aaaw your style is so cute, love all the looks above! :)

  3. Love the yellow dress in the yellow field of flowers! So pretty!
    xo Hannah

  4. We're so glad to have you with us, Taylor!

    Love, Amy

  5. Your house sounds so perfect, I love that you live so green! Welcome, girl!

  6. We have a garden as well, and I'm trying to convince Dominic we need chickens (we honestly don't, as our neighbours have some and we get free eggs... but still... we "need" chickens!).
    I LOVE your style! Cutest hats and head scarfs ever!


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