Tuesday, May 13, 2014

An open letter to a skirt

Dear Striped Skirt:

Last month you came to visit me in Arizona and I feel like we really made a connection. You went everywhere with me that weekend- starting with Friday at work, out to dinner, a trip to a brewery, and even some thrifting.

I tried to convince you to stay- constantly reminding you that with Arizona's mild winters, I could wear you year round. You insisted upon returning to Wyoming. I can see why- Kristian is super sweet and styles you in fun ways, and judging from her photos, it's a beautiful place. Just know my arms are open if you ever want to return. 

skirt: borrowed from Kristian // top: thrifted // necklace: birthday gift
ring: F21 // shoes: Chelsea Crew

I really did wear this skirt like crazy the weekend I had it- it's so easy to dress up or down, is super comfy, and as you can see from the pics, pretty fun to twirl around in. I styled it up on my blog a few weeks ago if you want to take a peek.

This skirt is so versatile and the elastic waistband gives you the option to wear it at any length. Check out how the other ladies styled it below- I love that Marisa even wore it as a dress!

Amy // Erica


  1. oh this letter is so cute, such a wonderful idea <3 oh yes , this skirt is LOVELY.

  2. Oh, you look fabulous! I love the top you paired it with for this too. The straps are striking!

    And know you can always borrow it again :D

  3. Oh this skirt has always been one of my favorites on everyone who has worn in! I love the bright pops of yellow and turquoise with it especially. And don't even get me started on those shoes!

  4. Love this! I like how you originally styled it on your blog... I love mixing patterns... but the colour and style of this top just adds so much punch to it! Super cute!!

  5. This little letter is so cute!


  6. I adore this skirt to pieces! You all look so lovely in it! Great post and I love the "POW" ring... great added touch.

  7. nice post :) your blog is great :)



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