Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Canadian Flair on a Mexican Dress

Hello all! Jana here from small town, BIG SMILE! I'm so excited to be posting this lovely dress. I borrowed it from Dus in the Spring and have been eagerly waiting to share it's loveliness!! I wanted to borrow it while it was still cool enough to pair it with tights (who am I kidding, Canada is almost always cool enough for tights!!), because the colours in the dress are so amazing, who wouldn't want to have fun layering it?? 

I couldn't decide exactly how to style it... with a belt, without a belt? What kind of hair accessories?? So, naturally, I styled it two different ways.  My first style was with a rose in my hair, which I felt enhanced the Spanish feel of the dress, and with a matching belt at the waist to tailor the dress a bit. I originally planned on wearing red tights with this dress... and then I thought maybe magenta, as it's not a colour I can match easily with other dresses... but in the end, bright blue won out. The other girls had opted for various shades of pinks and purples, so I felt I had to try a different colour.

Next option, I swapped the flower for a felt floppy hat (which I dubbed my Pioneer Woman hat), and took off the belt for a looser fit. I have to say, while my gut instinct was to wear the belt, I liked the dress so much better without!

Outfit details: Dress: borrowed from Dus, Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens, Hat: American Apparel, Tights & Belt: Target, Flower: Vintage Box 1947

See Hannah's styling here.

Dus: 1 / 2 / 3

This dress, while not normally my every-day style, was one of my favourite borrowed dresses yet. I was devastated to send it back... I'm hoping to get a chance to borrow it again and have more fun styling it with different colours and accessories!




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  2. Both ways look great. I really love the look without the belt and with the hat, it looks like you are ready to go on a car trip (in a convertible) in the American south-west.

  3. You look so beautiful and as happy as can be!

  4. Wow! I love the idea of bright tights with this dress. In fact, you could probably choose any colour to pick out the colour of the florals. Great to know marriage has not changed your fashion sense! Kx

    1. Haha!! Marriage definitely hasn't changed it :) And totally agree, you could mix it up with any of the colours from the floral pattern!

  5. Embroidered clothing are a new found love of mine. I'm a little jealous you can wear tights at the peak of summer. I absolutely love wearing tights, and I think you picked a beautiful, bright color to contrast with the dress.

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  7. This dress is so versatile- it's a perfect summer dress but also goes with any tights. Love both looks with the flower in your hair & the hat!


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