Sunday, July 27, 2014

Group Roundup: Sunglass Style

Living in Colorado where the sun is almost always shining, I have quite the extensive collection of sunglasses!  It is pretty much my top favorite way of accessorizing summer outfits, and the added benefits of protecting my eyes doesn't hurt either.  I prefer affordable pairs in bright and fun colors!

Living in sunny Arizona I wear sunglasses every single day- so like Hannah I have a pretty extensive collection of colorful shades. I never spend very much on them because my sunglasses philosophy is the more the merrier :) These pale blue sunnies from F21 have been getting the most play so far this summer.

Although upstate New York isn't exactly known for its abundance of sunshine, I still love accessorizing with sunglasses!  I tend to gravitate towards frames with a retro or cutesy aesthetic, and I have to agree with Lisa on this one -- the cheaper, the better!  I can't justify spending very much on sunnies, since I like variety and they tend to end up buried in my bag.  My favorite frames actually came free with a purchase (they're the white ones on the left, and they have a little black bow on the side!) -- what could be better than that?

Jana of small town, BIG SMILE!

While our summers in NB are short, that doesn't mean sunglasses-season is! They're a must year-round, especially with the sun glaring on snow in the winter. For such an important accessory, I admit, I'm terrible with sunglasses. I lose them, I break them, I often sit on them in my car... not to mention they're a challenge to find a style that suits my round face. Normally, my go-to sunnies are tortoise wayfarers, but these have become an instant favourite! They were cheap ($10 on amazon!), which is practical for someone who needs to replace sunglasses often, and they automatically add a 50s style to any outfit! I'm definitely ordering these  in more colours!

Sunnies are a MUST in Austin.... even in the winter but especially in the summer time! I've been collecting various styles over the years and chose a few of my all time favorites to share with you all. I love my classic black cat eyed frames for almost every occasion (they literally go with everything) however, I like to wear my tortie rimmed sunnies when I'm sporting my nautical wear. They are another "timeless" style. The square shaped ones you see on the upper right hand corner were my most recent purchase. Sometimes I like to wear "over the top" accessories like huge gold hoop earrings and rings. These sunglasses fall in that category. I always say "the bigger, the better".  I've also been experimenting recently  with the mod look... reminiscent of the early and mid sixties which brings me to my all time favorite pair of sunglasses... my round ones. I loved them so much I bought two pair, one in tortie and the other in black. I wear them all the time and everywhere. I purchased all these sunglasses at Target for under $20 dollars. There is something about sunglasses that pull an outfit together, they are  such a glamorous addition to any wardrobe.

Though summers aren't overly long or hot here in northeast PA, there really is no better accessory than a pair of cute sunnies to lay by lake...or enjoy some r&r on my hammock in.  Like most of the gals, I do not fork over a ton of money when buying a new pair - I tend to stay under $20 to be exact.  One of my favorite pairs that I own are these apple frames from Urban Outfitters.  I just can't resist something cute, ya know?  What kind of frames are you drawn to?

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle
These House of Harlow 1960 sunglasses were definitely a splurge but worth every penny!  I have many pairs of sunglasses but none that I love as much as these.  I feel like they go with every outfit.  Considering most days in Los Angeles are bright and sunny, I feel like the weather definitely justifies the price.


  1. I love Marisa's apple frames, and Jana's retro ones are adorable too.

    xox Sammi

  2. Marisa! I love the apple sunnies too and of course the head scarf... can I just say we all look pretty darn cool. Lol.

  3. I love the fun styles and colors everyone has! Marisa- that picture of you guys in the hammock is so freaking cute!

  4. These are adorable, loved this roundup! :)

  5. Loving everyone's sunnies to bits! You are all making me want to add many more frames to my humble collection :-). Seriously, you gals are adorable!

  6. Eeep!! Apple frames!! FUN! And loving Hannah's and Lisa's blue frames! I'm so into blue this season!! What a fun roundup!

  7. this might be my favorite group roundup ever! everyone looks so so cute in their sunnies! now i think i've got to get another paid than my shabby dollar store ones, esp since they're a daily staple!


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