Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Smitten over mitla!

Hey all! Jana here from small town, BIG SMILE! Today I'm sporting yet another of Dus's great pieces.  For someone who loves vintage styles, especially 40s and 50s, I'm absolutely smitten over Dus's Mexican style clothing!

As I'm sure you can see from the trees in the background, I actually took these photos back in the spring. It was a pretty warm day, though, when I wore it, and it made me realize how great this top would be for those hot summer days that have one of those amazing breezes. The reason? The weave is wide enough that it lets air through! So with that, I thought it would be great for a cottage day, with jeans rolled up, a belt to taper it, and saltwaters, for, well, the salt water! 

Outfit Details: Top: borrowed from Dus, belt: target, jeans & saltwater sandals: modcloth

Dus has amazing compilation of her remixes:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7  




  1. I always love your vintage styles but this is a fun, different look on you too! This really has endless styling options!

  2. You look amazing! I love the pattern and cut as well as color on you. It looks great dressed up fancy and casual. Did you buy this from Dus or borrow? I hope to get one of my own soon!

  3. oh how fun that you styled it up a second time Jana - I had no idea!! You look gorgeous & I'm loving seeing you style up jeans, which I can find make me feel not the most stylish. You nailed it w/ the cute little sandals + belt though.


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