Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Shades of cool

Hey there kittens! I had a pretty awesome weekend. I hung out with some friends, had a little fun in the sun at Pedernales Falls. I even managed to get some work done for the Austin Craft Riot Summer Show coming up here in the near future. 


I'm super excited to show off this lovely little frock that I borrowed from the ever so sweet Marisa of 
The Shades of Monet Chronicles.  I seriously feel deeply in love with the cut and shape of this little dress... not to mention the floral pattern. I would love to learn how to sew and find a few cute old patterns such as this and make a few for my little old self. Someday.... sigh.

I opted for white knee socks to compliment the white bow (which I adore) and added my new clutch from The Betty Loo Project. It's my first time showing off this awesome handmade clutch which can also be worn as a purse because it comes with a sweet little white leather clip on strap. I thought it went perfectly with the whole ensemble.

No big hair today.... I decided to tone it down for this look. Of course I had to rock my pink pastel lipstick and some white little flower earrings. I'm getting so much better at applying makeup... it's so much fun to play around and experiment with new looks. I really wish I had gotten into makeup years ago but I guess I'm just a late bloomer. Ha!

Neon denium with white leather accents! 

That little white bow... it just love the little accents that make a piece of clothing that much more special and unique. 

Hope everyone enjoyed this post! I was so excited to share this one with ya'll. 
Check out how Marisa styled her adorable little dress below.


Dress: Borrowed from Marisa
Clutch: Betty Loo
Knee Socks: Target
Shoes: Macy's


  1. That clutch is so cute and the colors really compliment this dress! I love how you both accessorized it with orange!

  2. That dress is adorable! I love the colourful print, the white bow and the overall look styled with the white knee socks from Target. You hair and lipstick look very pretty as well.


    1. Thanks sweet ladies. I had so much fun wearing Marisa's dress!

  3. I'm absolutely loving that dress! It's perfect!

  4. What a great dress! Love the long bow :) great styling with the knee highs.


  5. You could not have styled this dress any more perfectly Taylor! I'm in love with this look <3


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