Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dus of Cuddly Cacti

Hello readers of Flock Together! First and foremost, thanks for stopping by our blog! Just like the other gals in the gang, I am completely thrilled and honored that so many of you have shown interest in our swap group! I’m Dus and blog over at Cuddly Cacti. 3 On my blog I share my style and ramblings, the former of which mainly revolves around my love of Mexican artisan goods, shown through my large collection of embroidered/woven tops, belts, bracelets, and when weather permits, textiles as scarves as well, all mixed in with a bit of vintage inspiration. I worked in Mexico City in 2010-2011 on a grant and took every opportunity I could to (budget) travel around with my Venezuelan hubs, Jonny. A week prior to moving to Mexico we were packing up our things in Caracas, where we lived for a half year after having met a few years earlier while studying in Spain. 1 5 So, I bet you already guessed that I love travel : ). But I also love a couple other things, like thifting too often, enjoying my native Arizona with desert hikes (now that it’s finally cooling off - yippee!), riding my bike everywhere, and attempting to live a frugal and eco-friendly lifestyle. Because of this, you’ll see me remixing pieces quite often, which is why this group really excites me – I can’t wait to see the different ways everyone styles items and get some fresh ideas for my own style! 4 Oh, and my style goals for this fall (not that anyone asked : ) are learning to layer (it’s not usually necessary here so I’m clueless) and rockin’ pants more instead of skirts/dresses 24-7. And looking less disheveled on a daily basis. Oh, and maybe not wear the same shoes in each remix, which I've just noticed... Anyway, thanks for having me for the day and in the group Flock Together and thanks for reading everyone; hope to meet you again on here and on my blog! Oh, and sorry for the sillily aligned photos.


  1. Great task, layering is great!
    Lovely looks!

  2. So cute! I love all of them and did not notice any weird alignment! I need to get better at remixing, but a lot of the time I wear vintage from my shop and then it goes to a different home, making it hard! I'm excited for this group to challenge me to remix items I already have, or from you guys as my fall challenge :)

  3. You are so creative- I can't believe how versatile that scarf is!

  4. I love how you can wear your skirts as dresses-I could never find a way to make that work for me! You really are a remixing master!

  5. I like your style. And really appreaciate some ideas you have.


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