Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Marisa of Shades of Monet Chronicles

Oh hello,  My name is Marisa and I blog over at The Shades of Monet Chronicles.  I'm a mama and vintage lover and all around musical kind of gal who hails from a cozy little mountainside in northeast, know, near Scranton, where Dunder Mifflin resides ;-)  I'm truly in love with my dreamy woodland surroundings, so spending my early mornings kayaking the lake or meandering through lush mountains trails with the deer keeping me company is not too far out of the ordinary for me on a weekly basis.   Owls, ukeleles, old pianos, Mozart, writing music, DIYing and Dr. Seuss are just a few of the things that tickle my fancy, but goodness could that list really go on for days.  Much of my time in a day is devoted to scouting out the perfect pieces for my shop, AllyHoot Vintage.  I'm absolutely smitten with the 1960s, so frocks from that era are truly my favorite kind of find.

As for my style, If I had to sum it up, I would say it's a concoction of retro and playful, and definitely very feminine...but who likes to be stuck in a box?  I'm a sucker for bright colors, cutesy collars, and hair accessories.  Speaking of hair adornment, you will very seldom find me without some kind of bow or hat or flower on my head.  Yes, that's how I roll.  Because I am a gal on a budget, I thrift and peruse the local antique malls for the majority of my pieces and shop sales for the rest.  I am constantly remixing my wardrobe to my heart's content and that truly never gets old, so naturally I was tickled pink when the gals asked me to be a part of the Flock Together team.  

There you have it, that is little ol me in a nutshell.  So very nice to meet you all here today.  Catch you soon!  xo 


  1. You really are the cutest! And, I now am even more excited for you to get the package I sent! Hooray!

  2. I love how you displayed all the little details! I'd say retro-feminine-playful is PERFECT and always adore your head pieces! :)
    xo Hannah

  3. Ahh, I love Mozart! And things to wear on heads. You are so pretty and adorable and awesome. Why can't I wear color like you?

  4. Oh my that mustard colored coat is amazing!!!!!!!!


  5. Creative, musical, cute and very sweet, describes you accurately!

  6. very cute :)


  7. this is the cutest! Love your personal style, excellent!

  8. Hattitude Style Blog
    coool new blog collective! man i wish i lived in the states so i could be part of this!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  9. oh my goodness Marisa is the most adorable thing ever! Each outfit is so colorful and unique w/ such cute retro vibes and I love her collages w/ the diff angles/details. and wow, hiking with dear around sounds like a dream life!

  10. such good ideas here!

  11. I love Marisa! She's got a great sense of style and what's most important is an amazing person! Love all these outfit pics! Awe ... I kind of wish I once learned how to pose and put outfits together like her!

    Have a wonderful weekend, ladies! ;D


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