Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jessica of Midwest Muse

I'm Jessica from Midwest Muse. I'm a fashion blogger from Akron, Ohio. I love pizza, colored tights, live music, and road trips. I love style and evolving my personal style on a budget. I am a college student and prefer keeping my shopping to a minimum, indulging in the thrift store, and more importantly remixing my items. I wear the same pieces non-stop, but I simply wear them in fun and different ways. Which is why this group will be a wonderful way to challenge myself and my style.
I've always struggled with describing my personal style. Sometimes I am very girly. Sometimes I am very edgy. Sometimes I'm edgy and girly. Sometimes I'm very well matched and coordinated. Sometimes I'm rockin' mixed prints and am wearing way too many sparkly accessories. I'm all over the style map. Not because I have no style, but rather because style is about dressing up and portraying particular ideas with your clothes. I dress however I'm feeling that day and it's worked so far.


  1. I feel the same that my style on day is so diff from the next... although some days I'm just a disaster haha. You look absolutely darling in all of these! Fun to see so many remixed looks & great idea w/ the skirt as a top, I always forget that one!

  2. You're too cute! And a remix master! I especially love the last 3 I think it really shows how you can mix things up with one piece, awesome job! :)

  3. wow! great looks!
    follow each other?

  4. great looks!love it!!

    P.S. Let us know if you would like to follow each other

  5. I love looking at your remix pictures! I think wearing one item again and again is brilliant- it really shows off your personal style, plus that you actually CAN style. Can't wait to check out your blog!

    perfectly priya


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