Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Katherine of Of Corgis & Cocktails

Oh hai! I'm Katherine, and I'm an animal loving, Google-obsessed, corgi-totin' nerd with a love for food and drink. I have a lot of passions and am pretty all over the place in my life - I like to think I am a Swiss army knife of sorts. Flock Together struck me as a brilliant concept because it shows how versatile not only how a piece of clothing can be, but also how varied the people who wear it can be. Over at my blog, Of Corgis & Cocktails, you will find I have a lot of fun trying to pair items together in different ways - especially all of my animal-related things! I love things with animals on them - dogs, deer, foxes, cats, armadillos. I even have a tattoo with birds on it - put a bird on it, right?

That's what they say, huh?

To explain myself a bit better, I wanted to show a remix of one of my favorite 'animal print' (so to speak) dresses - a deer print dress by Sugarhill Boutique I bought as a gift to myself when I moved last year!

oktoberfest_outfit1of bagles and bagelsDeer in the Street LightsWhere The World Goes by Like the Humid AirGray Stables


  1. I love this, you are adorable and so is the amazing print on your dress! Gifts to your self are so special because I feel they are only reserved for special occasions and then they can kind of commemorate that time for you! The last picture of you and the pup looking at each other is my fave :)
    Can't wait to see more remixing <3
    xo Hannah

  2. Ah, that photo of you holding the bag and covering your face with your hand is the cutest! I'm so excited for everyone's intro posts, I love seeing little flashbacks or "best of's" from everyone.

  3. Awe, I am obsessed with animal patterned clothes! I've never had deer on a dress, that's uber cute! ;D

  4. I don't know that I own a single animal print item and you're making me wish that I did.

  5. Aw, I absolutely adore her! What a great guest post! And what an adorable blog you have :)
    xo TJ

  6. Yay Katherine! I'm a fan! I love your collection of animal print dresses, it's the best! You're a doll!

    perfectly priya


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