Friday, October 19, 2012

Katie of Butterfly Loves Snapdragons

Why hello there! I am Katie from my little 'ol blog, Butterfly Loves Snapdragons. I live in the largest city in South Dakota, which isn't really that large of a city at all! However I enjoy the small town approach to life and one can't find better people than here in South Dakota. I work at an after school program for k-5 children and I absolutely love my job.

Since I am indecisive I chose to show you probably way more pictures than you care to see in order for you to get a snapshot of my personal style :)

I feel like sort of the new kid on this blogging block. I was shocked and so very excited when I was asked to be a part of Flock Together!
 I started my blog because I adore fashion across so many areas of the spectrum. I can't seem to stick to one particular style. I tend to say that I'm pretty eclectic in what I choose to wear. I believe this comes from a background in one of my passions: theatre. I simply always dress as to what character I want to be that day. Some days I feel a bit hipster, other days I feel as though I belong in a kitchen in the 50's, or on a train in the 40's, and some days I feel as though I would like to  look a bit edgy and high fashion. I just have fun every day dressing up and creating a persona! Having a blog has been a great way to see how my style has progressed over the years. I am very nostalgic. I own a lot of my grandmother's old clothing and I would love to someday have a daughter or granddaughter who loves vintage fashion as much as I do!

 I choose thrifting as my preferred method for finding vintage treasures. I rarely shop at regular stores and find that the process of hunting for special pieces is what I really enjoy the most. When I come across a vintage item I have been looking for my heart goes pitter pat and I smile from ear to ear! Thrifting is most definitely my favorite hobby :) Some of my favorite things to do include singing, dancing, acting, and spending time with family and my wonderful husband. Can't beat life in good old South Dakota!


Most importantly my life is centered around loving others and being an example of Jesus Christ. I would be nothing without my faith in Him and my joy comes from the love He lavishes on me daily. 

Psalm 13:5
But I trust in your unfailing love. I will rejoice because you have rescued me.

I am so honored and excited to have been asked to be part of this collective!
God Bless all :)


  1. Fun to see so many different photos of you together- really highlights how you give such a creative twist to things. I ama always surprised and delighted by what you wear.

  2. i LOVE this. love the blog too, can't wait to read more girl!

    love, rach.

  3. Great pics! Love those stylisations!

  4. Ah, I just love everything you wear Katie!! For some reason I didn't how much of a theater background you have...very cool. Happy weekend loverly lady :)

  5. I love this post and maybe umm your whole blog too!



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