Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kristian of Never Fully Dressed


Hello! I'm Kristian- the girl behind the blog Never Fully Dressed (Without a Style). I hail from Wyoming, a land of big skies and small population. Luckily, that small population includes family, several fox terriers, and a certain Boy I can be adorkable with. A lover of children books, tea, and skirts that twirl when dancing, I try to find adventures of all sizes wherever I can. And after I have the adventure, sometimes it shows up on the blog. Besides that, my blog is sure to be chock full of posts about Mail, Movies and What I Wore. Hope to see you over there sometime!

Remixyellowskirt2 Collage

As for what you'll see here on Flock Together from me- My style tends to vary. Some days it will be super-feminine with vintage dresses and petticoats. Other days, I'll go a bit more tomboyish, or even outright Annie Hall,  playing with the women-in-menswear look. Its fun to play with gender expectations like that. Like all the ladies here on Flock Together, I enjoy vintage and thrifted items, as well as remixing what I have in new and unexpected ways. You can see here some remixing from past looks I've already done. Hope you all are as excited to see all the ways clothes will be remixed by everyone here on the blog as we are to show it!

Remixgreysweater Collage


  1. You have such a pretty style Kristian! I wish I could master looking that cute in more casual clothing like you have in those last two photos. Wyoming really looks like it has a lot of breath-taking landscapes as well! xo Marisa

  2. Love all of your backdrops :) I like that you always look put together, but never liked you tried too hard- which pretty much makes the perfect outfit for me!

  3. yaya Kristian is such a cutie and I agree with Hannah, you look so put together (which i'm trying to work on haha) in them all but so laid back at the same time. really classic, classy looks & the fall colors are great!

  4. You are so super cute!! You have such a soft feminine style. I love all the hats!! It also looks very pretty there.


  5. Oh how I love mustard yellow....!!!

  6. Beautiful!
    But you already know that, seeing as I follow you already! x


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