Friday, November 9, 2012

A Dreamsicle Dress

Hi guys! Its Hannah from The Braided Bandit and today I wanted to share how I styled Marisa's amazing little dress that she so kindly let me borrow! It reminds me of an adorable candy corn, especially without the sweater, with its awesome yellow and orange tones.  This was such a hard piece for me to let go of and pass on to the next lady! Can you say color blocking, florals, and dreamy peter pan collar?!  
     Anyway, I received this dress in the mail a few weeks ago right before I left for a mini vacation in Breckenridge with some family and friends.  We all shared this beautiful wooden house for the weekend, made Marisa's pumpkin chili and other delicious food, and just generally relaxed and were merry.  The scenery was gorgeous and the company was unbeatable!
Outfit Details: Dress- Borrowed from Marisa // Shoes: Thrifted Seychelles // Sweater & Scarf: Vintage

And here is how the beautiful Marisa wore it.  I remember when she posted this on her blog, I was in awe of her color mixing ability and I seriously did not know how to top it! How amazing are those tights and that sunset?!
Thank you for letting me borrow you beautiful dress Marisa, and I cannot wait to see how the other gals style it! Happy Friday!
xo Hannah


  1. love the tights, boots, and daisies. Marisa's version is also amazing, her photos really captivated me.

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  3. good grief, her tights really are amazing. i seriously think she has just a CLOSET of gorgeous tights. and hannaaaahh, i LOVE how you styled this! Seriously, your pattern mixing is always so adorable. i love the touch of the head tie with this whole look. i may request this dress next ;)

  4. So fun! I liked Marisa's styling of it too, but find it so fun that it can look so different just with a sweater. Making it more monochrome highlights the texture of that sweater for me. Lovely, as always, Hannah!

  5. You look so incredibly adorable. I love how sweet and bright this look is. Your nailed it!

  6. Love the way both of you are wearing it. The leggings Marisa's wearing is awesome!
    Love the way you're wearing it with the beautiful crocheted top! Beautiful!!! Love it. So feminine and elegant!!! :)
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  7. OMG Hannah...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how you styled this dress! You've made it look so different and perfect for the cooler months and how I can't wait to try the same kind of thing with it once it returns :) I'm especially loving the different shades of coral. Sometimes I have the tendency to go all over the board with color - so I am really inspired by your tone on tone approach here. Of course your backdrop couldn't be anymore gorgeous as well

    <3 Marisa

  8. Ahh it's so lovely and peach!! The setting makes me feel happy inside :)

  9. This is such a pretty dress! I love how you've styled it!
    Love Marisa's styling as well!

  10. That dress is so adorable! You guys both styled it so wonderfully! :)


  11. I'm so excited to eventually get this one! Haha. I love that you put a sweater over it Hannah! You both look completely darling. I love both your choices of tights:)

  12. Beautiful outfit, that dress is so adorable! x

  13. I LOVED this, def one of my favs so far seeing such diff looks! This dress is so so adorable & dainty & I love how Marisa paired it w/ such fun tights & Hannah a pretty little vintage sweater- you two are the cutest! and maybe i will have to borrow this one too after all : )

  14. love your dress, the colors are amazing and totaly fit to you.
    my favorite is the 2th pic. the location is amazing

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  15. Such a gorgeous dress! You look beautiful.

    <3 Melissa

  16. oh that dress is a dream, yellow and orange those colors which make happy, and wow I'm´absolutely impressed how beautiful nature can be looking at your photos, that forest seems marvelous, well also the woodhouse!
    i think you both styled the dress perfectly!
    love and kiss,mary

  17. nice tights!
    I'm your newest follower, what about you being my newest follower too?



    A chic kiss ;)

  19. adorable look! love the bow in your hair :)

  20. Where ever you are is looks amazing! Lovin the color of your dress, looks fab when your wearing it with the range sweater too!


  21. gah! i love the color of this dress so much.
    and i'm kinda jealous that you thrifted those seychelles.
    awesome find! ^_^

  22. Very cute I love that headband!

  23. Hello Dear! I like your blog so much! This is my first visit here but definitely not the last :) Would you like to follow each other? :)


  24. This dress is soo cute, I love the print of it and how you two syled it!


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