Friday, November 23, 2012

Up Up and Away

I was so excited to see that this dress belonged to Jessica and was available for swapping! I've been obsessed with it ever since I saw it on ModCloth and asked to borrow it right away. The bright primary colors and stripes reminded me of Parisian hot air balloons, so I added a whimsical balloon necklace. I played up the neutrals with a cream cardigan (it has bows on the back!) and heather gray socks.

Outfit Details: 
Rainbow striped "Feelin' Refreshed" dress (Jessica's // Minuet via ModCloth // available here)
Skinny brown belt (Forever 21)
Cream bow back cardigan (Tommy Girl)
Heather gray thigh high socks (Forever 21)
Black patent ruffle "Daniella" loafers (c/o Pink and Pepper)
Brass hot air balloon necklace (Forever 21)
Teal heart earrings (Vintage via I'm Your Present)

You can see how Jessica and Ashley styled this dress here:

The dress is now on its way to the next girl (it's quite popular), so you'll see it pop up on the blog again soon, I'm sure.

Now I know it's Black Friday, so you probably have some shopping you need to do. Have fun and don't get too crazy! Besides, there's always Cyber Monday.

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  1. U look adorably beautiful! Great dress, fits you so good! Thanks for sharing such a nice post!
    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  2. I love that dress! And the way you styled it ;)

  3. Oh my. It looks so beautiful on you!

  4. This dress is so, so lovely!

  5. I'm totally skipping black Friday for cyber Monday!! Haha. Erica you look gorgeous! I love that you added the air balloon necklace, what a perfect touch! This dress seems to be universally flattering, you all look great in it!

  6. Love the dress and how you styled it as well! I wish I could wear a dress right now - it's a whopping 25 degrees in Wisconsin right now :(


  7. You are beautiful! And fabulous styling!


  8. You look so cute! That hot air balloon is the best. And the skirt of the dress is really fully. Wow.

  9. i love your kind of beauty! amazing outfit!


  10. The bows in the back of your cardigan are too cute, it goes perfectly with the dress! I like how you stuck with neutrals to let the colors of the dress shine, all 3 of you look so adorable in it!
    xo Hannah

  11. oh my gosh, that dress is pure perfection! It looks awesome on you all :)

  12. Good post and blog. Lets follow each other?.

  13. Now that you mention it, it does remind me of a Parisian hot air balloon! I really love how this dress always looks so fun and energetic!


  14. Ah - this dress! It is such a darling piece and I just love how each of you gals have styled it. The grey tights and bow back cardi are such a sweet touch here Erica!

  15. I LOVE hot air balloons, and I too loved this dress when I spotted it on Modcloth. It's so pretty, full of whimsy, and just has an air of carefreeness to it that's really great. Awesome outfit! :)

  16. aww super cute! I love how this dress looks so great on all of you! super cute pairing w/ the grey tights & flats, like the girly but casual look.


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