Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Okay, so it's not officially winter yet but it definitely feels like Christmas time.  Which to me means gingerbread lattes, lots of shopping, and peacoats.  When I received this dress from Hannah of The Braided Bandit I couldn't wait to pair it with a peacoat!  It's the easiest way to make a summer dress winter accessible.




Peacoat- Forever 21
Tights- HUE
Heels- Aldo
Necklace- UrbanOG
I love the sweetheart neckline and the subtle polka dot print.  Oh, and I have to mention the pockets.  I'm a sucker for a dress with pockets :)
Here is Hannah's summer style:
How sweet does she look with her floral crown?  I love how Hannah can make a simple dress so interesting with minimal accessories.  For more information on Hannah's outfit, see her original post here.
This dress was also styled by Jessica of Midwest Muse.  I adore her sweet yet edgy look with her embellished leather jacket and studded belt.  I never would have put those pieces together which is why I adore her sense of style so much!

For more information on Jessica's look, click here.
What style do you most identify with?  I'm hoping this dress makes its way to all the girls.  I think it's really versatile and I'd love to see everyone's take on this pretty piece :)
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  1. The dress is so, so adorable!

  2. It's so nuts how versatile this dress is- it looks radically different on each of you. I love it's dramatic V waistline, it reminds me of a corset. I love your winter take on it with your pretty red pea coat, and Jessica definitely edged it up with the leather jacket and accessories. I love Hannah's shoes paired with the dress too- it's such a interesting choice for a dainty dress and makes the look really fun. I hope more girls get a chance to style it too!

  3. Ashley you seriously just OWN this dress! I was so excited to see one of my pieces on the blog today! I too hope this dress makes its way to everyone, and its even more special because my best friend from home found this at a vintage shop and sent it to me as surprise :)
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  4. I would love to try this one too and see everyone style it! You all have such different but equally pretty looks! I love the red peacoat ashley! It definitely made it wintery and beautiful!

  5. So cute! I love the dots with the bright coat :)

  6. A gorgeous dress- very feminine and girly!

  7. I love how differently each of you styled this lovely piece! All of you look darling :) I love that red peacoat Ashley!

  8. nice photos I liked your blog, I follow you!
    and if you like mine I hope you like pretty follower :) a kiss!

  9. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  10. All cute looks.

  11. Super cute! Loove that red coat! xx


  12. So obsessed with how you styled this!
    you look like valentine's day. ^_^

    erica | sweets + hearts

  13. the dress is beautiful,great post and a beautiful blog, thx by the way for your lovely comment;D

  14. Love how all of you ladies styled this amazing dress!


  15. The shape of this dress is perfect! And I also love sweetheart necklines! It's a win-win. :)


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