Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Skyline Splendor

Erica of Sweets and Hearts

Elana's building dress has been one of the most requested items among the Flock Together girls, and I can definitely see why. The quirky-cute building print is unique and fun, and the neutral colors make it fairly easy to style. I accessorized with purple tights, a polka-dot trench coat, and my favorite hat because it was a little rainy that day.
It's kind of random, but the day after I received the dress from Elana to style, I got my Stylish Surprise package from ModCloth, and guess what was inside? 

This exact dress
I laughed. And then jumped for joy. Because now I have my own and I won't go through the same separation anxiety I've been getting from sending the other swap items out to the girls.
Outfit Details:
Brown and black Peter Pan collar building print "Downtown Darling" dress (Elana's // Yumi via ModCloth)
Black and cream polka-dot "When in Dot" trench coat (Lucy Paris // c/o Lulu's)
Black bow belt (Forever 21)
Purple tights (Hue)
Black bow cloche hat (Zara)
Black leather booties (Levity via DSW)

See how ElanaJessica, and Dus styled it:
Elana | Jessica | Dus

I love how all of us so far have added a pop of color to this dress! I can't wait to see how the other girls style it.

We're super grateful to everyone who's been following the blog and commenting--you guys are amazing and we appreciate all the support!

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  1. love this different color combo!!!! :D xoRachel

  2. Oh my, I love the polka dots with this! It adds such an element of fun to it and makes it seem totally you. This dress looks so fabulous on all of you girls, what a versatile piece.

  3. I love this look! The building dress is so unique!

  4. So fun to see all the different ways this has been styled! The polka dots add a fun element.

    What is a style package?

  5. What a lovely and unique combo!

  6. I completely agree, LOVE the pops of color! I think its so funny that the three other gals paired it with green as the accent color. Also that you got the SAME dress in the mail the same week, lucky gal! Every post I see on here makes me think, man I should've borrowed that too!
    xo Hannah

  7. Great tights - love the colour :) xA

  8. This dress looks so cute on you, I'm so happy you got one too! (What a weird coincidence!) The polka dots and pop of purple look amazing with it, well done. :)

  9. What a fabulous dress! So fun to style!

  10. Looooove how you styled this Erica! The polka dots and the purple tights are unexpected but totally perfect with this dress :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  11. i LOVE your trench coat! so unique <33


  12. Ugh, I LOVE that dress! I've been looking for it everywhere online but it seems to be totally out of stock. So, so envious that you got it as your Stylish Surprise.

    - Leslie, Instant Fires

  13. I love the pop of purple & the polka dots here! Your outfit combos are always so darling Erica :-)

  14. I loved this dress when I first saw it on Midwest Muse! It's just so perfect. Like Leslie above Ive had a scout and cant find it anyehre! Modcloth need to put it back up!

  15. You look stunning, I love your coat!!!
    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin, facebook and twitter? Let me know!

    The Fashion Heels

  16. I adore ALL of these looks! So colorful and fun :)


  17. I love how everyone paired it with jewel tones- they all did teal and you did that gorgeous purple. And I really like your bow belt, you look so sweet :)

  18. Erica I love this! The polka dots look amazing mixed with this dress! You look so pretty :)

  19. I love your remix! It's beautiful. I like how we all accidentally paired it with green tones, but the purple looks beautiful.

  20. You guys all styled it so well! I love how you paired it with the polka dots! And yay for getting your own!



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