Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jen of JennifHsieh

Hello! I'm Jen, the blogger behind JennifHsieh and I'm incredibly excited to join the lovely ladies of Flock Together! I always find myself trying to keep a tight budget when it comes to clothing which is why I'm excited to start swapping and mixing up our closets with one another. I know there's a few pieces I've already got my eye on! 

I graduated college last May with a marketing major. Only a few months after, I packed up my bags and made the (very short) trek from New Jersey to New York City to live with one of my best friends and one of his friends. I work in the social media industry and I do some freelance photography on the side just for kicks (and to fund my nights out on the town). 

When it comes to my style, I never know how to describe it. I guess if I had to choose any three words it would be comfortable, casual, and simple. You'll rarely see me rocking accessories and, for the most part, I like to stick to basics. 

In general, I'm a girl who watches too much Breaking Bad (just kidding, you can never have enough), finds herself always craving buffalo wings, spends her nights complaining about the price of beer in New York City and drinking it anyway, and enjoys listening to a variety of music from The XX to The National to Tame Impala. 

You can find out more about me (more than you ever wanted to know, actually) on my blog and be sure to follow me on my Twitter and Instagram as well. Can't wait to start swapping and I can't wait to get to know you guys! 


  1. How adorable is her style!? Love love love it :)

  2. Yay!! So excited to have you as part of the group Jen! You are way too cute, I'm loving all these outfits and no wonder your photos are always so great, I didn't know you did photography on the side! I love those orange shorts?(skirt). Can't wait to wear all your fun clothes :)

  3. So excited to have you in Flock Together, Jen!

  4. Love that you showed a few remixes of your own. As one known to pile things on and overdo it myself, its so refreshing yo see style that is so sweet and simple! So happy you're part of the group now!
    xo Hannah

  5. Yay!! This is an awesome post, love your style I'm happy we're both part of the group now :)

  6. Ah! It really sucks I couldn't do this anymore - I miss it! Glad to see you join!

  7. You are a doll!!!!

    So glad to see you here!!!
    I cannot wait to see more from you!

  8. What a cute blogger! I will definitely be following her blog! I love her style. xx. McKenna Lou

  9. ohhh!! love your post! is fantastic! you are beatiful!!!

    I am now following your blog and new escape would love if you followed back! :)


  10. ¡me gusta mucho tu blog! ¿Te gustaría seguirnos una a la otra? También en bloglovin, facebook y hasta lookbook si quieres... déjame saber. <3



  11. It was great to learn more about you, Jen!


  12. Hi Jen! I just found this blog via your post at Jen Hsieh at JennifHsieh - a fashionista blog I've been following for some time. How exiting that your going to be blogging with fourteen other lovely fashionistas here! I'm sure it will be a lot of fun. I like every single one of your outfits pictured above. I LOVE the skirt you're wearing in the side by side photos that are fourth from the top (third from the bottom). It's gorgeous!


  13. Love the photos! Who takes them for you?

    Some Snapshots Blog

    1. Thanks, Jess! I usually grab a co-worker or friend to snap some shots. I set up the camera settings and instruct them when it comes to the angles I want. They're good sports about it. :)

  14. So excited to have you, Jen!
    Welcome to the group!

    erica | sweets + hearts


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