Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jenna of Smitten

 photo e8113f17-cc9d-431c-bade-7138a1e39e85_zps5c82fa67.jpg

Hey there! My name is Jenna and I blog over at Smitten and I am so excited to be part of this group, I've been an avid follower since this started up! I am a recent graduate in Psychology and am taking a break before I apply for a master's program. For me my funds are pretty limited so I try to remix my wardrobe as much as possible, I get a lot of pleasure knowing that I've gotten my money's worth out of a piece. I would describe my style as girly with a bit of an edge, I love mixing lacy dresses with studded accessories for a bit of contrast!
 photo flock1_zps7bed6c83.jpg photo flock1_zps8d4543bf.jpg photo flock_zps06f5e241.jpg photo flock3_zps949a2314.jpg
 photo flock4_zps0288c8c8.jpg
I have an adorable French Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix named Mr.Duke who often joins me on the blog and who I love spending time with. When I'm not hanging out with my pup or blogging I keep busy with working out, playing soccer and hitting the pub with my wonderful friends.
I am so excited to be a part of such a supporitve and awesome group :)
You can find me on facebook and twitter!!
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  1. Beautiful outfits! You have an amazing style :-)

    xo The Daily Fashion Drug

  2. I love your skirt! It is so spring-y! xx. McKenna Lou
    p.s. A Michelle Chang jewelry GIVEAWAY on the blog today, check it out. Link:

  3. I love that first picture of you, so pretty! You and Mr. Duke are the cutest duo around! So happy you're part of the group!
    xo Hannah

  4. Omg your dog is so cute!! And I love all of your outfits :)


  5. That first picture is stunning (and Mr. Duke is pretty stunning as well)! So excited to be joining Flock Together with you! :)

  6. Happy to have you aboard! Also- your dog is adorable!

  7. Oh, Jenna, you are so dang PRETTY! I'm SO excited that you're joining us :) I didn't know you played soccer, that's awesome!
    I love all your photos, but I pretty much always love everything you post.

  8. Woo! I'm glad she made a appearance I love her style :)

  9. Gorgeous Jenna!! So happy to have you a part of Flock Together :-)

  10. Your hair! Is WOW! I love the streaks of red! Totally cool! Just dropped by to tell hi and also to let you know you have a great blog!


  11. I LOVE your lace dress, starry tights and big warm-looking scarf n the first photo! All of your outfits look pretty and are very nicely coordinated. The blue scarf and the red blazer both look nice with your print dress. I love that third dress too! Mr. Duke is quite an enthusiastic looking fashion accessory :) The snowy locales look chilly. I like the scenic locale by the water. Lovely outfit post.

  12. omg that dog!! how adorable!!!
    also i wish i had your hair.



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