Sunday, March 24, 2013

Style Challenge: Pants

Hello readers! Ever wonder why bloggers never seem to wear pants? Does that sound funny? Well, unless we're pretending leggings are pants, we seem to be found more often than not in dresses or skirts. Wearing pants is, well, challenging for us! So it was a pretty easy theme to agree on for this month's Style Challenge.

Hello everyone, Dus here from Cuddly Cacti! I'm notorious for not wearing pants, and actually have not even wore a pair of jeans in over a year. Not because I have any sort of opposition to them, but I find them dreadfully uncomfortable (should I be trying those things called jeggins?). Now though, slacks can be another story, and this vintage Pendleton wool number has been a work stable of mine for the past year +. They're perfect for my office dress attire, and keep me warm while I bike to work winter mornings. Plus they were 25 cents. You can see my post in these here.

Erica of Sweets and Hearts
When someone suggested "pants" as an option for the Style Challenge, I laughed. But then I realized...I don't recall ever seeing any of us wearing any on this blog! Ha. I do wear pants. Really. I just don't wear them often. If I do, they're usually skinny jeans, which I typically pair with a fitted knit top and flats. Above, I'm wearing my mini black bowler hat (Forever 21), a black and white striped tee (from TJMaxx), bright coral red skinny jeans (cuffed; GB by Gianni Bini), a purple acrylic bow necklace (Ted Baker), and my magenta and coral open toe bow "Pansy" flats (Seychelles).

Pants...I will fully admit I really don't have any suitable trousers in my closet besides for skinny jeans, which I rarely ever wear.  Being short but very curvy always poses a problem for me when I'm trying to find a pair that fits decently without me making a beeline for the tailor.  Right now I am 25 weeks pregnant, so styling pants, or jeans for that matter is definitely no cake walk for me, but I am always up for a challenge.  During my last pregnancy I spotted this pair of wide-legged maternity jeans for $12 - surely a deal I couldn't pass up given that I will only be wearing them for several months.  The rest of my outfit is thrifted except for the Lady Tie - not bad eh?  

Elana of Room 334

Ah, the dreaded pants. I actually wore pants quite a bit early on this winter, but only managed to take pictures of me in them once or twice. The moment I discovered fleece lined tights, I quickly put all pants I owned in the back of my closet, never to be seen again. Until now that it. What can I say? Dresses are just more comfortable; I don't really feel like myself in pants. Strangely enough, I've never actually taken pictures in one of the only pairs I've ever seemed to like, these black high-waisted ones from Urban Outfitters. I may hate pants, but I'm a sucker for anything high-waisted.

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle
Pants are always a tough sell for me because I find them terribly uncomfortable and it can be hard to feel feminine in them.  Styling pants is a challenge in itself, but I like to add girly details to dress them up.  This particular time I added a lace peplum top and leopard platform wedges.  As long as I feel girly enough I can wear them.  But let's be honest here, they don't make it into my rotation very often and they can't compare to the cuteness of a great dress! 

Kristian of Never Fully Dressed (Without a Style)

Confession: I was the one to suggest this style challenge, and it was a bit like cheating because I actually do wear pants a fair bit on my blog. Colored skinny jeans, wide-legged trousers, dark-washed denim- they're all in regular rotation. And then there's these: These black cigarette legged pants are one of the most versatile things in my closet! I've only to put them on, and, magically, I'm chic and put-together. They look great for work (as you can see above or on my blog), but seem perfectly natural as part of a casual outfit. I can feel just a bit like Audrey stepping onto the set of Funny Face, or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, I can go for an androgynous look with these. Moral of the story? If you like to wear pants, convince all your blogger friends to do a style challenge, and marvel at how awesome everyone looks! 
 Katie of Butterfly Loves Snapdragons

Friends, I was so excited for this challenge because unlike many of the Flock Together gals I actually wear pants a whole lot on my blog. Especially at my job working with kids it's imperative that I wear pants for the comfort and ease of movement. I have stacks of thrifted jeans and trousers on my shelves and the collection seems to be growing.  I wear everything from super skinny to extra wide leg! For this look I felt a bit Katharine Hepburn inspired. She was the queen of rocking wide leg trousers in my book. Find a pair that's a bit long for you and pair them with some sky high heels-and voila! Your legs seem a mile long. Nothing wrong with that. I like to wear my skinny jeans at my ankle, and my wide leg pants skimming the floor. As it should be :)
 photo pants_zps2b527f6e.jpg
Jenna of Smitten

I've gone through phases of loving then hating pants, right now I'm kind of into them, I don't wear them nearly as much as my skirts and dresses though. I find them much more challanging to style and wear (seriously guys, I love to lunge and sometimes your skinnies don't allow enough stretch for this sexy form of transportation). But when I set my eyes on these floral print pants from Joe Fresh I knew they would be mine, oh yes, they would be mine. I love the colours in them and the fact that they're floral definitely lifted my spirits on a particularily snowy day. Paired with some simple black flats and my favourite blazer I was perfectly comfortable in my own skin..errr...pants.
Jessi of Haircut & General Attitude

I loved the idea of this style challenge because I've never seen quite a few of these girls in pants! I think it's safe to say we're all pretty girly girls :)  I do prefer skirts and dresses but find nothing wrong with the right pair of pants once in a while. While my regular go-to choice is skinnies, I recently found these boyfriend skinny khakis and fell in love! They're completely comfortable which is my biggest requirement. See the rest of this post on my blog!
How do you all wear pants? Share your links so we can be even more inspired!


  1. Great post,I actually wear pants all the time,because I'm not really a leggings fan! :)

  2. Great job, guys! I totally wimped out on participating because I have like, one pair of pants with me at school. One. And they were dirty this week because I wore them on an 8 hour car ride!


  3. love this, so fun to see everyone in pants, I don't think I'd seen a few of us in them before! I esp love how fun Eric's pic is jumping w/ all the color : )

  4. Haha, I've thought this before. Lots of bloggers don't seem to wear pants. I, on the other hand, feel like I'm ALWAYS wearing pants, which I don't actually like to do too much! love dresses. You know what I don't like, though? Shaving my legs. There, I said it. Lol.

    Great job on this challenge, everyone! Great eclectic selection here. I especially love how Ashley styled her jeans! The feminine details are perfect. Love those leopard wedges. And Kristian's look is very cute, and work-appropriate.


    1. haha I hear ya on that one girl! I pretty much don't bother w/ the legs all winter. opaque tights/leggings are my best friend!

  5. Love it!!

  6. What happened to mine and Jens pics :( they were on here last night

  7. it's awesome to see how diverse our choices are when it comes to pants styles/cuts/colors. i need the black cigarette pants that kristian has, and jenna's floral printed ones as well! SO CUTE.

    erica | sweets + hearts

  8. Ya, Jenna I need yours! SO freaking cute. I loved this post and how different everyone's styles were :)


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