Monday, March 25, 2013

Mint Magic

Hey! It's Jessi again :)
I'm really excited to share this post with you because I'm completely smitten with this dress! I mean, just look at it! It's gorgeous! So, if anyone knows of it still being available somewhere (or something like it) definitely let me know! 
This dress originally belonged to Ashley but she's since gifted it to Jessica. I'm sure it would be picture perfect as a light summer dress but since I borrowed it in the winter  I had to add a few layers. I loved the way the rust color in this cardigan looked against the soft mint and the purple tights were a fun pop of color!
Outfit Details:
Dress - Jessica's
Cardigan - Forever 21 (DIY elbow patches)
Tights - Forever 21
Shoes & Belt - Target

And here's how Ashley and Jessica wore it! I love how both of them kept with the romantic, flowy look of the dress by pairing it with soft pretty colors.
See Ashley's post here....
...and Jessica's here.


  1. This dress is GORGEOUS!!!!
    I'm a sucker for anything *mint*!!
    Just brings me back to the 50's.

    I am LOVING the rust cardi with this (and the adorable elbow patches!!!)

    Wish we could craft together <3

    1. I wish we could craft together too! We would have way too much fun :)

  2. I wouldn't expect that dress to work for all seasons...but clearly it does! It looks great with the orange-y sweater, as well as with the colors the other ladies paired with it.


  3. Gorgeous! :)

  4. Gaaah this dress is so gorgeous, I really love this colour on you, it works so perfectly with your hair and skin tone. I would have never thought to pair it with rust but it works so well

  5. Love the mint green dress and the different ways it has been styled. I love how you have made the dress work for winter. Definitely inspired by your post!

    Sita xx

  6. This dress is so pretty! Perfect spring piece. I am loving that sweater with the elbow patches too. So cute.

    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  7. Beautiful dress, look so beautiful

  8. Loving how it looks here- so gorgeous, just like all the girls in this!

  9. Not only love the dress, but I'm crazy about the color palette here that cardigan is just darling. Everyone looks so whimsical and dreamy :)

  10. This dress is so pretty, I love how you paired it with rust for a wintery version! The sparkly shoes are the icing on the cake, everything works so nicely together!

  11. Ooh girl I love those elbow patches!


  12. completely agree & understand why you're smitten with the dress!!! mint is always a gorgeous color, especially paired with a burnt orange & snowy white!!!! beautiful post.

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  13. omnomnom mint and orange ... the most beautiful combination.

  14. Jessi, that dress just looks so gorgeous on you! I love the color sweater you paired with it as well!


  15. Beautiful!! I really love that sweater with the elbow patches the best though :)



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