Thursday, April 18, 2013

Steady Walking but Bound to Trip

Can you say First Flock Together Post? I'm super pumped to be featuring my first swapped item on Flock Together and what better way to start it off than styling up Jessica's striped, Modcloth dress? I'm shipping this bad boy back to her today and it's so hard to say goodbye to such a beautiful dress. I guess I might just have to invest in a similar one at some point over the summer.

Modcloth Striped Dress (similar)
Forever 21 Denim Jacket, Sunglasses
Ann Marino Lido Pumps

Since the weather is getting really nice in New York City, you can find the parks gradually getting more and more crowded during the days. It makes it a little bit harder to take outfit pictures in public but once you feel the sunshine wash over you it's hard to be frustrated with anything. I can't wait until summer makes its way to the city so I can spend my weekends lying around at the beach. Considering how fast February and March passed by, I have no doubt summer will be here before I know it.

Below, you can see all of the other ways I styled up Jessica's dress while it was in my possession (as well as how Jessi and Jessica wore it). How would you have styled up this beauty of a dress?


  1. Oh I loved this dress! I wish we could just clone it and all have one :) and I love your shoes! So pretty. Jealous of the warm weather and talk of the beach soon! It's been windy and cold here lately.

  2. All three looks are super cute! Love the shoe detail.

  3. This really is a perfect striped dress, I love all the ways you styled it!! You all look great in this dress, it's awesome to have such a fun versatile piece

  4. you look so cute in jessica's striped jess! those photos in front of the ice cream truck are classic.

    erica | sweets + hearts

  5. You look really cute, and now I have shoe envy so bad! Seriously ;)


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