Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Flowers

We Live Upstairs Flock Together Swap

Hey guys! Leah of We Live Upstairs here. So...rainiest, coldest, dreariest April ever, yes? It's a good thing I had Dus' beautiful embroidered dress to bring me into the (hopefully) much more beautiful month of May!

We Live Upstairs Flock Together Swap We Live Upstairs Flock Together SwapWe Live Upstairs Flock Together Swap

Since I like to make things complicated for myself, I wanted to find a way to use the dress as a shirt...and my lovely ankle-length, green trousers did just the trick! I also love (like, love love) a good pattern mix, so I added the striped cardigan, which was perfect as the wind picked up a bit that evening. Add a floppy hat and you have something both bohemian and practical- my perfect look for the start of the summer months.

We Live Upstairs Flock Together Swap

Outfit Details:
Dress (worn as shirt): Dus'
Cardigan: Vintage
Pants: Target
Boots: Old Navy
Hat: JcPenney

Be sure to check out how Dus and Hannah styled this gorgeous piece! I love the Western feel of Dus' boots with the dress, and Hannah's statement coat pairs just dreamily with it. You can see their posts here and here.

Description of PhotoDescription of Photo

Happy May! Here's to bare legs and sunshine!



  1. OOOh this is my favorite! I love that you wore it as a shirt, and those green trousers are amazing!!! The first picture is so pretty :)
    xo Hannah

  2. I love this outfit Leah! So pretty. THose trousers are amazing and I love that you added the hat, it's the perfect touch. Dus' dress makes a perfectly bohemian shirt! Love how all you ladies added lots of color :)

  3. I LOOOVE this look Leah! I'd never thought to make this dress into a top & esp not w/ trousers but you made the look perfectly! the trouser hue goes great w/ it & i love the plum hat w/ it as well, you look gorgeous and so put together!

    1. Aw, Dus you're so sweet! Thanks so much for letting me borrow the dress!

  4. Leah, this is such a cute way of styling! I love the way you matched your hat to the flowers on the dress :)


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