Monday, May 20, 2013

Pinafores and Pins

 It's Rachel today, styling a pretty sheer shirt from Jessica!
 You guys, this shirt is pretty amazing. It's got a bow on the front and is covered in hearts! I wore it under my favorite pinafore (which actually has gone through the swapping process a bit itself) and put on some high lacey knee socks. I also managed a successful fishtail braid with the aid of lots of hairspray. Normally they slide right out of my thin hair!
 Maybe a little reminiscent of Valentine's with all this red and lace, huh?
 pinafore, cardigan and pin-thrifted
Here's how the other girls styled it!
I love Jessica's big skirt and Jessi's little burgundy heels!


  1. I love pussy bow shirts (but I've yet to own one)! The different way you have styled them is giving me ideas - thanks guys!

  2. Love that top! I think the addition of the zebra pin is very cute.

  3. This heart printed blouse is so adorable, I love it on all of you!! I have a similar one so this is definitely inspiring to see how you all styled it. Love it underneath the dress and those lacey knee high socks are fantastic!!

  4. This would be quite a perfect Valentine's look! I love the zebra pin! So cute :) And I really love this pinafore. I miss wearing it, haha! You look absolutely darling!

  5. This shirt looks so cute on everyone! I love how you paired it with a red jumper too, I love pinks and reds together!

  6. You look darling, Rachel. Love people who can pull off the pinafore look!

  7. I love the blouse!! It's perfect with that dress!!


  8. wooow, both outfits are soooo amazing! Totally adorable! I can keep looking at it :) <3

  9. Oh my...I love this ensemble Rachel! The blouse paired with your little wine colored dress is perfect!

  10. You look so adorable! The color of the dress and that top looks perfect on you. If only it wasn't so hot here (the temperature goes as high up as 93 degrees) then I would definitely get myself a top like that.


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